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August 11, 2016

Our Lady's figure reflected at Her seer, Marcos Tadeu's eyes, during an Apparition at the year of 2016:

Video of Our Lady Message and Saint Dominic Message at Jacarei Apparitions, to the seer Marcos Tadeu - August, 07th 2016:

Jacarei, 31.07.16 - Our Lady Message

Jacareí, 24.07.16 - important Lectuare of the seer Marcos Tadeu - The vision of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

July 20, 2016


Act of Love to God the Father:
My God, my Father, I adore you, increase my love, and make that I love you ever more.

Act of love the the Sacred Hearts:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you, save souls.

Act of surrender:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I give you all my heart, now and forever.

Act of Incessant Renounce:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, for loving you, I renounce to all sin.

Act of desire:
Mother of God, I love you. I want, I wish, increase in my heart your Flame of Love.

Act of Love to Saint Lucy:
Saint Lucy, I love you. Save my soul. Save many souls.

July 19, 2016


Dear children, I'm happy with your presence here, along with Me today. I bless all of you, and ask again: Grow in the true love to God, in the filial love, looking for extinguish, and ban of your hearts all selfish love to the Lord.

And creating in the place the friendship love, the filial love, that seek to do everything for the love of God, everything to please Him, and everything to increase too, the love of all men, of all His children for Him.

Thus, little children, you will really be sons of God, and God will be pleased into see that you, His children truly love Him, with the pure heart.

In the whole Holy Scripture, and in all my Messages also, what God wanted to see and ask to you, is this: That you love Him above everything. That's the first commandment, and all other things, all His commandments has as purpose lead you to this filial love to God.

Also today I ask you to keep up praying for the conversion of all my children that doesn't accept my Messages, because my heart bleeds of pain for my children that either does not accept My Messages nor My Hour of Peace, neither My Medal, neither My Trezena, neither all prayers that I've asked to all of you.

Therefore My children, pray for the conversion of those that are blind and have hard heart, because they make My Heart bleed everyday because of their disobedience, refuse and lack of love to Me, for the refuse into obey Me.

With your Rosary and prayers, I will touch even in the most hardened hearts and I will finally transform the Brazil and the world in my big garden of Holiness and Love.

To everyone I do bless with Love and ask, keep up coming here in this Holy place, that the Holy Trinity have Itself loved and chosen for Its Throne of Graces. I that I have chosen for to truly be My second Nazareth, My Rosarium of Love, and the Throne of Graces of My Immaculate Heart. To everyone I do bless with Love, from Fatima, from Montchiari and from Jacareí.

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New Promisses for July 13th, and for every day 13 of each month, given by Our Lady at Jacareí's Apparitions at July 13th, 2016

"(...) On My excessive Love, I promisse to all My children that prays My Chaplet of Tears of Blood, and use My Mystical Rose Medal, and do My Trezena every month, that at each day July 13th of each year, they will take out 13 souls of their family from the Purgatory, at their choice. They will also obtain the conversion of 13 persons of their family upon their choice, and I will make everything to save these persons and save with Me, to be happy in Heaven.
They will also receive 13 big blessings from the Heart of My Son Jesus, and from My Immaculate Heart as well, at each day 13, of each month (...)"

May 2, 2016




Marcos, my beloved child. I come today to give you a great Grace of My Heart. I come to give to My children a great Blessing and a great gift of My Love, to help them in their sorrows and difficulties and also to defend them from all evil. This gift is My MEDAL, THE MEDAL OF MY HEART, look well what I will show you now and save it in your heart.
(Seer Marcos Tadeu) I've seen arise in the chest of Saint Joseph His Loving Heart, burning with Love,like a sun shining with light, then arose around Saint Joseph the following words in golden letters and bright.


Under the cloud the rested the Saint Joseph feet appeared the today's date.

MAY 7TH 2011

Around the head of Saint Joseph also had many flushes, many light rays.
The Oval picture turned and I saw the reverse two lilies that rose on the both sides of the Medal to the top, underneath the words bright:


At the center was a cross, more or less in the middle of this cross was the Sacred Heart of Jesus crowned with thorns, lower down on the right the Immaculate Heart of Mary, sorrounded by thorns and most left the Loving Heart of Saint Joseph, sorrounded by flames of Love, and also with throns, but not around him, but nailed it, spiked it. Saint Joseph then told me:


Child, for many centuries I have kept this great Grace, this revelation of My Medal to the world, to give It and to reveal It to you in this time. This Grace no one received or will receive in the world besides you. This is due to the great Love that I have for you Marcos, the most ardent and dedicated of My sons, and also due the great Love that I have to this Place, which is so dear to My Heart and to the Lord. This Blessed and Elected Place by our Sacred United Hearts, is where We poured the riches of Our Love and where we express the greatest mercy of Our United Heart inseparably in Love, in Pain and in Glory. So, order to mint Medal, as the model you saw, so that everyone lead on the neck, and receive Great Graces of My Heart.. It will be a very powerful sign of my Love among my childrens and will attract on the the blessings of the Lord. Also says to My children that I promise them, that:


1. Those who wear My Medal with confidence, will be kept by Me at all his life moment's and specially in the dangers, will be always covered with My mantle. 

2. Will not be flagellate by the spiritual poverty, even by the temporal. 

3. Will not miss to them the aid and the necessary ways to a dignified life, in other words, will not miss to them the work and charitable help to have a dignified life. 

4. Will not be won by the temptations of the devil those one that use My Medal and pray My Holy Hour on sundays. I will dimish on them the influence of Satan, I will save their homes, goods, bodies and souls of any satanic domination. 

5. Will be blessed in their work and deeds 

6. Will be relieved and comforted by Me in their sickness and sufferings 

7. Many will be miraculously healed to the Greater Glory of God and Triumph of Our United Hearts. 

8. Will not know the eternal flames those one that uses My Medal with love 

9. Will not die in mortal sin, those who use My Medal and have a true devotion to My Heart 

10. Their families will be helped by Me in their needs and will be covered by My Mantle. 

11. The young people who wear My Medal with love following my examples and virtues will not fall on into sin, and if have fallen will be back, to the virtue's path. 
The young people pure and chaste will keep themselves pure, and will receive from Me all ways, the Strenght and Grace to persevere until the end, in the path of Chastity and Holiness. 

12. This Medal will make arouse in many souls the Holy desire to consecrate themselves to Me, and to devote themselves to a life of prayer, contemplation and dedication to God through My Heart. 

13. Will decresase on the souls that wear My Medal until make disappears altogether the inordinate love of themselves, the world and the creatures, and will make grow ever more in them the Divine and Heavenly Love, and the taste to the things of God and the love of virtues. 

14. Will be enlightened about the Redemption's Mysteries and about how much My sufferings united with those of Jesus and Mary collaborated on the work of the human redemption. Will be informed about My Virtues, Merits and gifts that I received from the Holy Trinity, and the immense Love that It had and has to Me. 

15. Will be heard by Me in all their prayers, and everything that they ask Me I will grant them (of course, unless it is contrary the God's will) 

16. Those dying, will comforted by Me in the last moments of their life on earth, will 
not be tormented by demons in their agony, and will receive My visit and will have My paternal embrace, softly expiring in My arms. 

17. The parents will receive continued assistance in his difficulties, and will have the necessary lights to educate well their children in the Holy Love of God. 

18. Slowly will return the Peace to the families and towns where My Medal is known, loved and propagated. Peace and Harmony will reign where I is loved and and revered through It. Wars will be held, removed or will have their duration diminished, the violence will disappear. 

19. The stony hearts in sin will be touched by Grace and will return to the bosom of the Holy Catholic faith, and will walk on the sanctity's path. 

20. Those who wear My Medal will receive the Grace of to be taken by Me directly to Heaven after the death and will be put close to My throne in Heaven where will know My mysteries and secrets and will joy an indescribable happiness on My side forever. 

(This Medal will soon be minted by the seer Marcos Tadeu and will be available to everyone that love the Loving Heart of Saint Joseph) 

(MARCOS): And finally Saint Joseph said that through this Medal, the true devotion to Him, and to His Heart will quickly spread all over the world, so through this Medal It will be placed at an honor site from where It was taken along the centuries, until almost to be forgotten by the christian people, by the catholic people. Saint Joseph will shine with a glory with which He never shone before, thanks to this Medal. 
Saint Joseph also said that this Medal was revealed Here in this Place, due the immense Love that He has for this Place, which is more dear and darling to His Heart than all the world, and that this Medal will rush and much, the triumph of His Heart, of Our Lady, the triumph of God in the souls, families and nations. And therefore, I had a mission of to order the minting of this Medal as soon as possible, and make It accessible to all souls, all His children as fast as I can.

Imposition Prayer of Medal of Saint Joseph and Consecration to the Loving Heart of Saint Joseph. Through it, made by the seer Marcos Tadeu on 20/11/2011 at the Apparitions Shrine’s of Jacarei. 

"Oh Loving Heart of St. Joseph, through your Heart Medal, I consecrate myself today and always completely at yours Loving Heart..

Throughout your medal, I promise to live as your own son every day of my life, obeying the commandments of God, living as true Catholic son of the Lord, of Most Holy Virgin Mary, yours and do make your Hour of Prayer, every Sunday with love, loyalty and propagate your Heart Medal to all souls as I can throughout my life.

Throughout your Medal, oh St. Joseph, oh my Loving Father, I beg you, release me from all evil curses, plagues, accidents, violence, crime, strife and all sorts of ailments of the body that may happen to me.

Through your Heart Medal, release me also from all diabolical obsession, possession of all evil and all interference of Satan in my life, my family, my work and in all places where I have to go.

Release me also through your Medal of all bad people, false, slanderous, and envious of my thirsty unhappiness.Release me, mainly through your Medal of every sin that can throw me in hell. Leave away from me all about is not the God's will. Everything that offends God and separates me from Him.

Throughout your Medal give me the Grace to live in union with God, Mary, with You and the Saints and Angels during all my life.

Throughout Your Medal, Oh Most Loving Father, also pour over my home all the blessings of Your Heart so that, we can always live in complete harmony and Peace. Oh Loving Heart of St. Joseph, that wherever I go with the Medal of Your Heart, grant that can also go with the Angels, the Saints of Heaven and Yourself, You may go with me always protecting me and covering me with your mantle.

Give me by for your Medal, I always enjoy perfect health of body and soul to serving God, the Blessed Virgin Mary with perfection in this life, can get of You, to praise tTem and also with the Angels and Saints in heaven for all eternity.

So be it. Amém" 


Hail Joseph, Elected of Grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst men

And blessed is Yours Loving Heart, Our Co-redeemer and support of Jesus and Mary.

Saint Joseph, Father of Son of God, and our Father

Assist to us sinners ,now and at our last hour. Amen

True devotion to Saint Joseph

JULY, 17th, 2011

"My children, My Loving Heart bless you today, and gives to you once again, The Peace.

Grow each day more, in the true devotion to My Loving Heart, living each day more, in My presence, in My love, corresponding with all your hearts to My call and growing ever more, in the true trust and dependence of My Love, just as did ISAAC with his father Abraham.

Isaac loved so much his father Abraham that did not contest him, even when the father asked by his son where was the sacrifice to be offered to the Lord, and the father replied, 'The Lord will provide'.

Isaac trusted in his father, confided that his father knew exactly everything what he was doing and he would do, and when Isaac saw that the sacrifice would be himself, did not resist his father, pleaded no contest, no resistance to what the father should do. Trusted him, although this was against all his principles, against his own nature, against his understanding. Did trust on the Father and the Lord gave the award to Abraham and Isaac, blessing them and making them the patriarchs of the whole people of God.

If you also have to Me a true trust, a true love, a true dependence, the true filial love, such as Isaac had for his father. If you trust that what I do for you, the work which I realize in you, through My Messages is Holy, and that I know for where to lead you. And if you leave yourself drive, sweetly conduct through me even if it is to lead you, by sacrifice, among sacrifices and suffering, that you do not understand, that you do not realize. If you rely on Me, if you be led by Me, you too will be rewarded with the blessing of the Almighty, with the blessing of the Lord, as Abraham, as Isaac were.

Behold, that I call you to the complete trust in My Love, which I call you to full trust, unconditional, in My Love. I want of you a trust identical to that Isaac had to his father. Only this way I will guide you and lead you down the road: of the Love, Goodness, Grace and Peace.

Today, I bless you, all you who hear My Message by the hoarse voice of my son Marcos, cooled, which resisted until now, so that I could send you My Message.

See little children, that My Love does not tires of to teach you the true devotion to Me, what I expect of you and that you must tues. From you to whom I so much teaching, I hope more and more the practice of the lessons of My Perfect Love

Forward, My Ickle Firsties! Practise what I teach you! Because My Words ends in great wisdom that is denied to the proud of heart, but that is revealed and taught to the pure, the humble, the simple-minded.

To all in this time, I bless with Love"

JULY, 03th, 2011


"- Beloved children of Mine, My Loving Heart bless you on my party today and give you again, the Grace of Peace.

My Loving Heart will triumph! And that's why every day I advance ever more, with my docile children, obedient and faithful towards to that Big Victory that will happen soon, of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, through My Heart in the whole world.

Our Plans, THE PLANS OF OUR SACRED HEARTS are perfectly unfolding, in all places on earth, despite the devil, despite the unwillingness of souls, the traitors of the infidel, the unwanted, the lazy, the faint, the hard of heart .

Our plans ever more advance, and those souls that are of the Truth, listen to Our messages, recognize Our voice and approach us, give themselves completely to Us and in the lives of these souls, we're making great holy works, works of Grace, transforming them into a beautiful and wonderful garden to offer to the Holy Trinity.

Our plans unfold perfectly in all places of Our Apparitions, despite the obstacles that the devil and the men of evil will put in Its way because Our hearts already have predicted all of this and had awareness about everything, and Our Hearts, therefore, will know triumph with glory and power over all the darkness forces's.

To you My children, I always ask more prayer, docility and obedience to Our Voice so that in you Our Grace do not find never an obstacle, a rival or wall, any barrier to the influx of Our Love to flow in you and through you to the whole world.

If you do not put resistance to Our Messages in your hearts, then our Grace will burst powerfully and all souls will be dragged by your good example of Holiness, Prayer, Love and Peace and they will want to follow you in the Path of Salvation, through which, We have called and We are guiding you over all these years...

My Loving Heart will triumph! And with It, with this Triumph, I will bring you all a New Time of Joy, Happiness and Peace.

You will see things that your eyes have never seen! Will contemplate wonders and beauty that your eyes never beheld, when Our Hearts may Triumph.

So My children, pray! Pray for that you may one day, get to see these wonders. For what you may enter into the Kingdom of Our Three Sacred Hearts, where WILL ONLY ENTER THOSE WHO LEARNED LOVE US PERFECTLY WITH ALL THEIR HEART, WITH ALL THEIR SOUL AND ALL THEIR STRENGTHS!

Pray for that you may be able to love us. Pray for that you may be suitable for the mission and at the same time, for that wonderful life to which We call you, and that will be the victorious life in God in the Triumph of Our Three Sacred Hearts that for all of you, We have prepared with love, day after day!

To all in this time, I do bless generously."

Jacarei, october, 30, 2010.

Message of Saint Joseph

“Beloved children, my Loving Heart bless you today again, and gives you the Peace. I love you so much, so much! That I would like of to hold you all, inside my Loving Heart, for therein, my sons even drown you, at my infinite love's ocean for you.

I love you so much! I love you more than your parents have loved you, or can loves you. I love you with a love, larger than the all parents in the world have together for their sons..

I keep you all at my Loving Heart . My gaze is always placed on you. Trust in My Love! Trust in My Grace, and in My Protection, because I never, never will leave you alone. I am always with you!

My gazes pursues you along the day, wherever you go, whatever you do.

My gazes follows you, my gazes probe your heart, knows your sorrows, know your anguish, know your troubles, know your fears and ambitions, and my Heart take providence about everything.

Provides before God, all necessary graces for you, for that you can live in peace, and forever more walk, and to grow up at the perfect God's Love, at His perfect fullfilment of His commandments and for that you can win with love and faith, all difficults and battles in this life.

I am always with you! No tear falls from your eyes no that I see it, without that I become aware, without I know.

Then my sons, give me all your cares, all your difficults. Pray very much to my Loving Heart! Contemplate it! Because to contemplate my Loving Heart is the same as to contemplate my

Own Love for you. Contemplate it, and you will verify that you do have a shelter, you will verify that you do have a home, and you will verify that you can live at the atrium, of my Loving Heart,

and therefore, you can lives in peace.

I love you so much! I've offered you so many times My Love, but to many people, have rejected it! I already do not know else, what to do for to show you My Love, and for to make you belive that

My Love for you is True, is Big and Pure, is Faithful, and nothing else wishes from you than the perfect correspondence, in other words, to be loved by you all!

Come my children! Give me your hearts, and I will completely takes you, and I will place you inside of My Loving Heart, where we'll live together, where we'll stay together, at the same thrill, at

the same rhythm of love for the Lord, for to His Love's Law, for to His Word.

And then, with our beating hearts, at the same rhythm, we'll glorify the Holy Trinity, with the perfect Love Hymn's.

Pray, pray very much! The pray my sons is always your salvation, and the world's salvation. There is nothing most important, there is nothing most precious and powerful, on this earth, than the pray.

Because the pray, done with heart, is Love, and the Love ascends to Heaven, and do makes that The Supreme Love, make to rain on the earth, the Mercy, Peace, Grace, and Salvation's Grace!


Do pray! Do pray! I will pray with you! Pray with me, and your pray will contain all power. I bless you all, at this very moment.”



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April 18, 2016

JACAREÍ, MARCH 15TH OF 2016 -(Our Lady's Message, given to Her elected seer, Marcos Tadeu):

My dear children, today I invite all of you again, to open your hearts to my Flabme of Love. My Flame of Love shall grow up in your hearts. But that will only happen, when your hearts dilate to My Flame of Love with more prayer, meditation, and the full surrender of your lives and of your will to Me.

The time it's fullfiled My children, and coming soon, all prophecies and Messages that I gave you, along all these years will be fullfiled.

Now you should prepare yourself, and keep the lamp of your prayer alight, the lamp of faith and love alight.

Look that without Love, all your works will be in vain, before God. Therefore My little children, create the true Love to God and to Me in your hearts and do everything with Love, for that truly when My Son come back, He recognize you as His seed, as His true disciples, and also as His true children for Love.

Keep up praying My Rosary everyday.

Everyone I do bless, from Fatima, from Caravaggio, and from Jacareí.


April 1, 2016


Jacareí, 27 de Marzo del 2016 - MENSAJE DE LA SANTÍSIMA VIRGEN MARÍA

“Mis Amados Hijos, hoy, en el día de la Resurrección de Mi Hijo Jesús, vengo a ustedes para decirles: “Soy la Madre alegre de la Resurrección.”

En el mismo día de hoy, vi a Mi Hijo Jesús más resplandeciente de que el sol, entrando en el aposento adonde Yo Me encontraba, para consolarme y para devolverme la alegría, la alegría a Mi Corazón sufrido y doloroso por Su Pasión y Muerte, y para tornarme participante de Su Gloria, de Su Divinidad, de Su Victoria sobre Satanás, el Pecado y la Muerte.

Soy la Madre alegre de la Resurrección, que hoy recibí de Mi Hijo Jesús el poderoso influjo de Su Gloria, de Su Divinidad, elevándome encima de todas las criaturas y fundiéndose Él Conmigo y Yo con Él, en una sola Llama Inflamadora de Amor, de Gloria, de alegría y de Victoria.

Soy la Madre alegre de la Resurrección, que hoy viene para decirles: “Preparen sus corazones, porque la Segunda Resurrección, o sea, la vuelta de Mi Hijo Glorioso sobre las nubes del Cielo está muy próxima.”

Él vendrá, vendrá para vencer, para derrotar definitivamente a Satanás y todas las potencias del mal. Vendrá para llevar a cabo, finalmente, toda la gloriosa obra de salvación, renovando Cielos y la tierra, y trayendo para ustedes Su Reino de Amor, Justicia, Santidad y Paz.

Vendrá para finalmente instaurar en el mundo Su Reino de Amor, de Justicia, de Paz, enjugando de sus ojos todas las lágrimas y dando a su corazón toda Su Paz, todo Su Amor, toda Su Gracia, toda Su alegría.

Él vendrá para colocar fin a este mundo dominado por el pecado y por Satanás, para transformar este desierto frío y sin amor que se tornó la humanidad, en un jardín de Amor y de Santidad. Vendrá para transformar este pantano de tinieblas y de pecado que es este mundo, en un jardín luminoso de Su Gloria y de Su Gracia, dando a todos Mis Hijos que Me son fieles la Gracia de la Victoria, de la alegría y de la salvación eterna.

Ahora es el momento en que deben perseverar Conmigo en la espera de Su triunfante vuelta en la Gloria que finalmente pondrá fin a todas las obras de Satanás, a todas las obras del pecado y restaurará finalmente la armonía entre el hombre y Dios, haciendo con que el Nuevo Cielo y la Nueva Tierra venga para la humanidad, donde el hombre y Dios convivirán en armonía, en amor y en amistad eterna para todo siempre.

Ahora es el momento en que deben continuar, perseverar, caminar Conmigo en el camino de la oración, de la Gracia, de la conversión, de la Santidad y del Perfecto Amor, para que todos ustedes puedan ser dignos de encontrarse con Mi Hijo Jesús Glorioso que volverá a ustedes muy pronto en Su Gran Gloria.

Apresuren su conversión, no hay más tiempo. El Gran Aviso, el Gran Castigo, los 3 días de tinieblas están muy próximos de ustedes. Recen, aléjense de todo pecado, vivan en la Gracia y en el Amor de Dios, recen Mi Rosario todos los días, para que ustedes puedan crecer cada día en el Amor.

Creen en sus corazones el Verdadero Amor por Dios y por Mí, para que verdaderamente, la Santidad y el amor de ustedes sean probados con obras de amor, oraciones de amor, sacrificios de amor. Y así, todos ustedes puedan verdaderamente tornarse semejanza viva de Mi Inmaculado Corazón. 

Continúen con todas las Oraciones que Yo les di aquí, para que verdaderamente Yo pueda transformarles a todos en las Rosas Místicas: de Oración, Sacrificio, Penitencia y Amor, para dar y entregar a Mi Hijo Jesús que ya está volviendo a ustedes en la Gloria.

Lleven a serio Mis Mensajes, son Mis últimos avisos.

Lean Mi vida*, porque allí aprenderán de Mí la Verdadera Santidad que agrada a Dios.

Hagan con que Mi Llama de Amor crezca cada día más en sus corazones por la renuncia a su opinión, a su voluntad, a su “Yo” y para que ustedes verdaderamente busquen sólo y en todo, hacer la Voluntad de Dios y la Mía, pues, en esto consiste el Verdadero Amor y la Verdadera Santidad.

A todos Yo bendigo ahora con amor de Madre alegre y jubilosa de la Resurrección: de LOURDES… de FÁTIMA… y de JACAREÍ.”


27 marzo, DOMENICA DI PASQUA, Messaggio della Madonna

(Maria "Miei cari figli, oggi, nel giorno della Risurrezione di mio Figlio Gesù vengo a voi a dirvi: io sono la Madre Gioiosa della Resurrezione!

Nello stesso giorno di oggi ho visto il mio Figlio Gesù più risplendente del sole, entrando nella stanza dove mi trovavo per consolarmi e per ridarmi la gioia. La gioia al mio Cuore sofferente e doloroso per la sua Passione e morte, e per rendermi partecipe della sua Gloria, della sua Divinità, della sua vittoria su Satana, sul peccato e la morte.

Sono la Madre Gioiosa della Resurrezione, che oggi ho ricevuto dal mio Figlio Gesù il potente influsso della sua Gloria, della Sua Divinità elevandomi al di sopra di tutte le creature e fondendosi Lui con Me e Io con Lui in una sola fiamma ardente di amore, di gloria, di gioia e di vittoria.

Sono la Madre Gioiosa della Risurrezione, che oggi viene a dirvi: Preparate i vostri cuori, perché la seconda Resurrezione, ossia il Ritorno del Mio Figlio glorioso sulle nubi del cielo, è molto prossimo. Egli verrà, verrà per vincere, per sconfiggere definitivamente Satana e tutte le potenze del male. Verrà per portare a compimento finalmente tutta la gloriosa opera di salvezza rinnovando cieli e terra e portando a voi il suo Regno di amore, di giustizia, di santità e di pace.

Verrà per finalmente instaurare nel mondo il suo Regno di amore, di giustizia, di pace, asciugando dai vostri occhi tutte le lacrime e dando ai vostri cuori tutta la sua pace, tutto il suo amore, tutta la sua grazia, tutta la sua gioia. Egli verrà per porre fine a questo mondo dominato dal peccato e da Satana, per trasformare questo deserto freddo e senza amore che è diventato l'umanità, in un giardino d’amore e di Santità.

Verrà per trasformare questo pantano di tenebre e di peccato che è questo mondo, in un giardino luminoso della sua gloria e della sua grazia, dando a tutti i miei figli che mi sono fedeli la grazia della vittoria, della gioia e della salvezza eterna.

Ora è il momento in cui dovete perseverare con Me nell’attesa del suo trionfante Ritorno nella gloria, che finalmente metterà fine a tutte le opere di Satana, a tutte le opere del peccato. E infine ristabilirà l'armonia tra l'uomo e Dio facendo sì che il Nuovo Cielo e la Nuova Terra vengano per l'umanità, dove l'uomo e Dio convivranno in armonia, in amore e in amicizia eterna per sempre.

Ora è il momento in cui dovete continuare, perseverare, camminare con Me sulla strada della preghiera, della grazia della conversione, della santità e del perfetto amore. Affinché tutti voi siate degni di incontrarvi con il mio Figlio Gesù glorioso che ritornerà a voi in breve nella Sua grande gloria.

Affrettate la vostra conversione, non c’è più tempo, il Grande Avvertimento, il grande Castigo, i tre giorni di buio sono molto prossimi a voi. Pregate, allontanatevi da ogni peccato, vivete nella grazia e nell'amore di Dio, pregate il rosario tutti i giorni affinché possiate ogni giorno crescere nell'amore.

Create nei vostri cuori il vero amore per Dio e per Me, perché veramente la vostra santità e il vostro amore siano provati con opere di amore, preghiere di amore, sacrifici di amore. E così tutti voi possiate veramente diventare somiglianza viva del mio Cuore Immacolato.

Continuate con tutte le preghiere che vi ho dato Qui, in modo che io possa veramente trasformare tutti voi nelle rose mistiche di preghiera, sacrificio, penitenza e amore, per dare e offrire al mio Figlio Gesù, che già sta tornando a voi nella gloria.

Prendete sul serio i miei Messaggi, sono i miei ultimi avvisi. Leggete la mia vita, perché li imparerete da me la vera santità che piace a Dio. Fate sì che la mia Fiamma d'Amore cresca ogni giorno di più nei vostri cuori, rinunciando alla vostra opinione, alla vostra volontà, al vostro io. E affinché veramente voi cerchiate solo e in tutto di fare la volontà di Dio e la Mia, perché in questo consiste il vero amore e la vera santità.

Tutti benedico ora con amore di Madre Gioiosa e giubilante della Risurrezione, da Lourdes, da Fatima e da Jacarei. "

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