August 6, 2012

JACAREÍ, FEBRURARY 24th, 2012 - Message from Saint Joseph given during the Hour of the Sacred Heart of Jesys - Apparition’s Shrine of Jacareí - SP - Brazil

“-Marcos, today My Most Loving Heart blesses you again and tells you My favorite little son, onwards! Bring to all My children ever more, My Message of Love and Peace. 
Through you, I am preparing My Kingdom of Love in hearts and I’m ever more making to get into hearts, My Heart’s Light, that end up all darkness of sin. 
Through you, Marcos, I gave to the world the Medal of My Heart, which will cause souls to feel the need to love and to repair Our Three United Sacred Hearts and so we will form for Us in the whole world a great army of holy souls who will live more and more in our Love and in our Friendship. 
Go forward My child, and that all My children get up to help you in this holy mission, because for all of them, is already prepared the reward in Eternity and the Crown of Eternal Glory. I ask also that you spead always more the Medal that the Lady of Tears gave to Our little child Sister Amalia Aguirre, and with such perfection and beauty, you made Marcos, faithfully following the model shown to her. 
To all who will wear and spread this Medal We will guard in every moment and we will especially protect their souls from dangerous temptations of this evil time in which you live, and we will guide you forevermore on the path of holiness. 
The devil will be paralysed before Her and will not be able harm you. Leave the things of the world because they are not for you. You were uniquely created for he Heavenly things and These you ought to seek. 
Pray more Chaplets of Tears for the salvation of souls. Less waste of time and more prayer to save the sinners. With this powerful Chaplet that contains the Treasures of the Tears of Mary Co-Redeemer of humanity you will be helping to save many souls. 
To everyone today I bless with Love e especialy to you, My Beloved Marcos, faithful servant in whom I find all My consolation, and all My joy!”

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