August 6, 2012

Jacareí, March 19th, 2012 - Message of Saint Joseph - FEAST OF THE HAPPY TRANSIT OF SAINT JOSEPH, ASSISTED BY JESUS AND MARY

“-My children, today, when commemorating My Feast, I bless you again and cover you wil My mantle. 
My whole life was a Hymn of Love for the Lord and for all of you, My children, and you must follow by the road that I opened for you of Love, Prayer, Obedience to the Lord, Purity and Holiness, to please God as I did, and to do His will. 
Be docile to My Heart and let yourselves be guided by Me along the path of true Love, until I reproduce perfectly in you My Virtues and My Holiness, to illuminate this world shrouded in darkness and sin. 
My whole life was a continual Martyrdom, beside Jesus and Mary, suffering in union with Him all His Ailments until the moment the Lord predisposed, and the countless Tears that I shed for Love of Them, these My Blessed Tears, constitute a Treasure of Great Value and Power before the Lord, and this Treasure I want to give to you, My children. 
Therefore, you shall pray the Chaplet of My Tears always with a lot of Love, so that, along with the Tears of My Most Holy Spouse, I enrich you forevermore with this Celestial Treasure and elevate you forevermore, in the hights of holiness that the Lord wishes of you. 
With the Chaplet of My Tears all the enemies of your souls will be defeated, and nothing will be able to overcome you. I am with you and promise our out the abundant Graces of My Heart over you. I promise you that at each prayer of the Chaplet of My Tears a soul will be saved. 
This Grace, I received from the Lord by the Merits of My Sufferings and Tears, and give It today to you. 
To all I bless with Love, from Bethlehem, from Nazareth and from Jacareí.”
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