October 9, 2012


July 7th, 1993

“Pray!... Pray!... Abandon yourselves to GOD and consecrate yourselves to Me… I am here to make you happy!...”

September 12th, 1993

“Pray!... Pray!... Pray!... Pray!... Pray the Holy Rosary a lot!... Consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart and give yourselves to GOD!... Do penance!... (pause) I bless you in the Name of the Father… of the Son… and of the Holy Spirit…”

July 20th, 1994

“Children, pray!... pray!… pray!…

August 21st, 1994

“My dear children, pray, pray deeply, so that GOD can give ye HIS Peace…
Pray, pray a lot…”

August 23rd, 1994

“Dear children, pray a lot to understand how great My LOVE for ye is …
I love ye!... Pray the Holy Rosary every!..."

January 8th, 1995

"My dear children, pray!... Pray deeply so that the Holy Spirit continues acting in you! Open yourselves to the Holy Spirit!...
I bless you in the Name of the Father... of the Son... and of the Holy Spirit..."

January 14th, 1995

"- Dear children, I thank all who help Me, for their sacrifices... I want, My dear children, to act in ye souls and lavish ye with My Grace... Open up ye hearts to Me!
I bless ye in the Name of the Father... of the Son... and of the Holy Spirit..."

January 21st, 1995

"My children, pray with more LOVE!... Pray!... Pray!..."

March 23rd, 1996

“Dear children, I ask ye to live My Messages! Many are those who do not want to live them! For these, the destiny is ‘fire’!
Pray more, much more, the rosary!...
I bless ye in the Name of the Father… of the Son… and of the Holy Spirit…”

November 28th, 1996

“Dear children, ye refuse to understand the ‘WORDS of My Messages’, and so, with the passage of time, ye forget them and leave them behind…
I came before, before the ‘door of Mercy’ closes. I came to warn
ye to return to GOD, little time is left!... Take advantage, My children!...
I came before, so that when time stops, you know that I alerted you…
Pray… and live this ‘call’ of My Heart!...”

December 19th, 1996 

"Dear children, I want to bless ye for ye love to My Immaculate Heart!
Pray for My Victory! Have no fear, if the ‘provocations’ frighten ye. With prayer, everything can be changed…
Prayer is a ques
tion of ‘decision’! If ye are decided for it, ye will find more time to pray…
The Holy Spirit always rescues My children, when the ‘provocation’. comes. Pray, because I am already praying for ye…
I leave My Peace, and the Blessing of Jesus! Be in Peace!..."

August 8th 1997

“My children, pray the Rosary every day and I will save your families! I ask that ye pray the Rosary every day, in homes, in families… 
Here, I will form My ‘army’ ! I will bring people to Mass, to the Church, but… I want ye to pray the Rosary…
I bless ye in the Name of the Father, of the Son… and of the Holy Spirit…”

October 18th, 1997

“Pray… pray a lot and My Immaculate Heart will give ye peace and joy…”

November 5th, 1997

“Dear children, I want to thank ye for each Hail Mary prayed with love… Know that the Thousand Hail Marys are an immense ‘source of Graces’!”

December 5th, 1998

“ My children, do even the smallest prayers with LOVE… 
When something is done with LOVE, it becomes ‘grand’, ‘immense’… greater than the entire world!
I bless ye in the Name of the Father … of the Son… and of the Holy Spirit…”

December 2nd, 1998

« - Dear children, may ye prayers be full of ‘life’!... Pray with more fervor and joy, every day!... »

January 20th, 1999

“Confess yourselves at least once a month… Don’t allow sin to be installed in your souls…”

August 1st, 1999

“Dear children, this week, dedicate your prayers for the conversion of atheists, those who do not believe in GOD… Especially tomorrow, dedicate all the prayers of your day for the conversion of atheists, which are m
They are responsible for all the evils in the world!...
If you ask with Faith and trust, GOD will certainly assist you and will convert these My poor children who remain in the darkness… (pause)
I bless you with LOVE…”

January 23rd, 2000 

“My children, I wish that ye continue to pray the Rosary every day… I am ‘happy’ for ye prayers, but ye can pray even more…
Pray for the United States, because that Nation offends GOD a lot and is the main culprit of the spreading of errors and sins in the entire world…”

May 15th, 2000

"Continue to pray the Rosary every day and to offer sacrifices for the conversion of sinners… May Peace reside in ye hearts…"

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