April 18, 2016

JACAREÍ, MARCH 15TH OF 2016 -(Our Lady's Message, given to Her elected seer, Marcos Tadeu):

My dear children, today I invite all of you again, to open your hearts to my Flabme of Love. My Flame of Love shall grow up in your hearts. But that will only happen, when your hearts dilate to My Flame of Love with more prayer, meditation, and the full surrender of your lives and of your will to Me.

The time it's fullfiled My children, and coming soon, all prophecies and Messages that I gave you, along all these years will be fullfiled.

Now you should prepare yourself, and keep the lamp of your prayer alight, the lamp of faith and love alight.

Look that without Love, all your works will be in vain, before God. Therefore My little children, create the true Love to God and to Me in your hearts and do everything with Love, for that truly when My Son come back, He recognize you as His seed, as His true disciples, and also as His true children for Love.

Keep up praying My Rosary everyday.

Everyone I do bless, from Fatima, from Caravaggio, and from Jacareí.

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