September 21, 2016



"Marcos, my dear angel, My incessant flame of Love. Today in the birthday of My Apparition in La Salette to My beloved little shepherds, Maximin and Melanie, I come again to say: " I am mankind's co-redeemer!"

I am the painful Mother of all of you, that today yet, suffers and cry because for each hour that passes, I keep losing another son that turns away from Me, and get lost in the sin.

Assist Me on saving souls praying a lot of Rosaries, and making many small daily sacrifices for the sinners conversion.

With the Rosary, you can save your own soul and and many other millions of souls spread all over the world also.

Hurry your conversion because, many parts of My La Salette's Secret have been fulfilled already, and others are about to happen, and those that do not convert will not manage to be saved in the big punishment which is coming soon. I have said already to Melaine and Lucy in Fatima, that the mankind of this century that you live would have the most formidable punishment of the whole mankind's history, because it would completely get away of God and would revolts against Him, living in the evil and in the sin, and now if My Messages are not obeyed without delays, this formidable punishment will not delay into fall including over Brazil! Pray, pray without stop and do not get relaxed in prayer!

Here in Jacarei, where My Apparition in La Salette have been given to know to millions of children, through the movies that My little child Marcos has made, My Immaculate Heart receives all consolation and all affection from this My favorite Angel, and from these children that had converted when seeing My Tears and My pain in La Salette. That's why here I do not cry very much, because My heart finds here on My little child Marcos the true filial love that I have looked for, in the whole world and did not find.

Onward My children! Onward with My little child Marcos! Divulge My Apparition in La Salette through the movies that My child Marcos did, to all My children that does not know Me yet, for that they convert and be saved. At each movie of La Salette that you gives to My children, you will take out a thorn that the world spikes in My Heart with their sins, and will dry up a Tear of Mine.

Penance! Prayer! Filial Love to God! Conversion!

Thus, you will be the mystical roses, of pure love that will fill the whole world with the beautiful scent of the holiness, of the true love, and many souls will be saved!

Coming soon, My voice will keep silence, and My secrets all will be fulfilled, and those that had made themselves deaf to My Voice, will regret, however will be too late . 

Save your souls now, which is salvation time!

Today in the anniversary of 170 years of My Apparition in La Salette, I do bless you all from La Salette, from Lourdes, and from Jacarei"

Then after, She gave an small Message to My Father, Carlos Tadeu, blessed me, and disapeared.


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