November 2, 2016


“Marcos write this Message to My beloved brother Carlos Tadeu:

My dearly beloved brother Carlos Tadeu, today in My Feast Day, I come once again to say, I love you with eternal Love, and I will never leave you alone!
I love you with eternal Love, since when I met you in Pentecost Day, in that Mystical Light that the Holy Spirit shed over Me, and revealed to Me your existence, your future faithfulness to the Lord and to Our Immaculate Queen, the obedience that you would have to Them. Since then, I never left of protecting you, keep. Love and pray for you.

Offered without cease My pains, sufferings, prayers and tiredness of the mission and preach the Gospel everywhere to you, and in the time of My martyrdom, at 04 PM I’ve offered all terrible pain that I passed through, for you.

I Love you with Eternal Love, and as soon when I came to Heaven, the first thing that I did after adore the Most Holy Trinity , and pay tribute to My Most Holy Queen, was offer My merits for you and implore for you and to My beloved Marcos salutary Graces for that when you were sent to Earth, for that you had all Graces to comply with the mission that I knew that you would have in the last times and that would be hard, but that you would perfectly comply, saving many souls, and taking them all to the Mother of God and to the Lord.

I Love you with Eternal Love, and in your birthday time, I was there to assist your mother in the parturition. I’ve assisted you to birth and with how many joy and spiritually welcomed you in My arms! During your whole life, I was silent by your side, accompanying you, keeping you, protecting you of the evil, and getting away of you many Satan’s wiles on what you fatally would have fallen, if I would not have protected you. In Heaven, I will show you all of that and then you will see how I had assisted you, and how much I did Love you and if you would be able to die twice, you would certainly die of Love and joy!

I Love you with eternal Love and even while you are sleeping I am before the Lord’s Throne offering My merits and martyrdom to reach new Graces to you for that truly the Mother of God’s salvation plan happens in you and through you in the life of many souls that will be saved throughout you. Now you have suffered some strokes that the enemy have beaten on you, but never give up, because this is the signal that you are in the right path that leads to Heaven, because if he doesn’t attack you, would be the clear signal that you would be going to the same direction of him, to the hell. Thus, go onward and do not be afraid of anything because I protect you, and will never leave you alone.

Today in My Feast, I pouring over you the twenty Special Blessings, that the Lord and Our Most Holy Queen have given to Me to pour over you.
Keep up praying the Holy Rosary and My Chaplet always, because with them you will be invincible in faith and nothing will get to defeat you.
Always come to rest on Me, that is, always come before My Image for there I gives you My Peace, My Light and the affection that only Me can give you. In My gaze you will feel My Peace, My Love and will meet the strength, and the breath to always move forward. Onward fatherly loving My most beloved Marcos, as I have asked you, for that we being “only one”, in the Lord’s Flame of Love, as well as the Father and the Son are one in the Holy Spirit, and as all that is united with the Lord Jesus by the Love “is one” with Him and the Father also.

Today, I do bless you with all My Love, from Cana, from Jerusalem and from Jacarei."

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