February 23, 2012


The Blue Scapular of the Immaculate Conception

The Blue Scapular of the Immaculate Conception

The Blue Scapular has its origin with the apparition of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception to the Venerable Sister Ursula Benincasa, founder of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception Teatinas, in Naples, Italy on February 2,1617. On the front, the scapular bears the image of theBlessed Virgin, The Immaculate Conception, which always pray for us in every moment of our lives, freeing us from sin and plots of the enemy. On the back, the Apparition of Our Lady to the Sister Ursula Benincasa is depicted. In this apparition, Our Lady asked Sister Ursula that the Blue Scapular be widespread among all Her sons, promising all the faithful who use it with devotion:

1 – Everyone will be covered by Her Sacred Mantle.

2 - They will have Her defense against all the snares of the enemy that lead us to sin.

3 - Plenary and partial indulgences, both in life and in death

4 - Cure of diseases

5 - Fortress of faith in the face of difficulties

6 - A good death assisted by the sacraments of anointing and reconciliation

7 - Light and Wisdom of God in difficult times

8 - The defense of Our Lady on the day of final judgment

9 - A shield of Graces against all the dangers

10 - Her eternal intercession, before Jesus and many Graces.

This apparition came to prepare the world for the promulgation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary by the church, which happened on December 8, 1854.

Some Saints who have used and has divulged the Blue Scapular:

St. Alphonsus Liguori (L750), GREAT PROMOTER OF THE MARIAN DEVOTION, used and taught the devotees of Our Lady to always have the protection and Grace of Mary.

Saint Dominic Savio (l842-l857) constantly wore the Blue Scapular. On 08/06/1856, he founded a brotherhood of the Immaculate Conception, thus, spreading this devotion of the Blue Scapular. On September 12, 1856, he went to Turin, Italy, to attend to his mother who was in danger of dying from A COMPLICATED PARTURITION. Takes with him the Blue Scapular of the Immaculate Conception, and only imposes upon his mother, Mrs. Bridget, that she gives light quietly to his little sister Catherine.

Pope St. Pius X (l903-l9l4) used it with great devotion on his chest as a constant sign of his love for Mary.

Blessed Mother Ursula Benincasa always received many letters from ladies of European nobility and from many devout people of Our Lady who wore the Blue Scapular, attesting that they had achieved many thanks and such rich cures, achieved through this Scapular.


Most Holy Virgin Mary, Immaculate Mother of God and powerful advocate of sinners, in the presence of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, of all the Heavenly Court, of her most chaste spouse, St. Joseph, of the glorious St. Cajetan and St. Michael the Archangel, whom I choose especially by my advocate in my spiritual and temporal needs, penitent of all my sins, I turn to you and offer his homage, my praise and my love.

To the honor and glory of your sweetest Son Jesus, I consecrate myself and give myself to You as Your faithful servant, and I offer my heart, for that You always free me of all bad thoughts, and from all evil forces of this world.

Driven by an ardent desire to live and die under thy blue mantle of Your Immaculate Conception, and now with all my soul I tell you, Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for me, poor sinner now and at the hour of my death, so that I can sing one day in Heaven with St. Joseph and St. Cajetan, Glory be to the Father, to the Son and Holy Ghost. Amen



Publication of the Apparitions Shrine of Jacareí

During the 1930s, the Mother of God and our Lord Jesus Christ appeared often to the blessed Sister Amalia Aguirre in the city of Campinas, São Paulo State, Brazil, communicating many messages of prayer, sacrifice, and penance. The teaching of a new Chaplet in honor of Most Holy Mary's Tears,The Crown of Tears also took place.The Mother of God gave this chaplet to the world once again as 'Chaplet of the Tears of Blood') in Montichiari, Italy.

On April 8th, 1930, the Mother of God revealed a new medal to Amalia Aguirre during an Apparition; the Medal of Her Tears, and asked that it be propagated to the whole world, because through it, would be carried out many great conversions and many souls would be saved. By an order of the Mother of God, the front of the Medal depicts the Lady of Tears handing Chaplet of Tears to Sister Amalia, just as it had happened during the Apparition of March 8th, 1930, with the words "Oh Most Sorrowful Virgin, Your tears overthrew the infernal empire" around it. On the back, the medal bears the image of Jesus handcuffed (tied during the Passion) with the following words: "By your divine meekness, Jesus handcuffed, save the world from the error that is threatening it."

Since then, the seer Amalia Aguirre, sought maximum disclosure. The Medal that she had received from the Mother of God having been such a big the disclosure in the early 1930s, especially in the United States and Germany, producing many extraordinary healings and conversions within thousands of souls. But soon after, an order from the Vatican condemned and prohibited the dissemination of these messages, the Chaplet and the Medal of Tears. The clergy had destroyed the work of conversion and salvation that the Mother of God was doing. Many souls that could have been converted and have been saved by the Messages, have been lost forever and the seer lived the rest of her life unjustly silenced and forbidden to disclose what the Mother of God had commanded her.

How much castigation of divine justice shall not have been attracted for this sin that cries to heaven for vengeance! The ingratitude, disobedience and wickedness of the clergy crushed the Immaculate Heart of Mary and thus this heart full of kindness towards men remained unjustly in silence for long 70 years, until, in the Jacareí Apparitions, the Mother of God ordered the seer Marcos Tadeu to disclose the Messages that She had sent to the seer Amalia Aguirre and to disclose the Medal of Tears to the world, resurrecting and revealing what was once forgotten; Her work of Salvation, begun in Apparitions of Campinas in 1930, thus repairing the horrible sin committed by the clergy against those sacred Apparitions of the Mother of God.

Since then, the seer Marcos Tadeu started to unceasingly disclose the Messages, the Medal of Lady of Tears along with divulgation of the Chaplet of Tears, which since 1991 he has prayed every day (although not knowing its origin).

On September 16th , 2009, Mary made ​​wonderful Promises in the Jacareí Apparitions for all those who wear the Medal of Tears with faith and love:

"My son, says to all my children that the Medal that I have revealed to My little daughter Amalia Aguirre, was one of the biggest Graces that I gave to the world in all of time. This Medal, a sign of the infinite Love of My Immaculate Heart to the whole world, is about to be used for all My children as a sign of their consecration to Me and as powerful shield against all the attacks of my enemy. This Medal, which evokes the power of My Maternal Tears, and power of Divine Meekness, of My Son Jesus, in His redemptive Passion, will be a very powerful sign of Grace that will diminish the power of Satan in all those who wear it and in all places where it is.

I solemnly promise to all who wear the Medal of My Tears: 

1. Will be defended by Me in all dangers of life. 

2. Will not be dominated by the forces of hell throughout their life. 

3 Will be protected by Me, from all attacks of the devil, as well as accidents caused by satanic influence, violence, harm, pests in their crops.

4 Will be covered by My Mantle in every need, and will be fortified by the virtue of My Tears at all moments of their lives. 

5 Their families will be protected from the evils of Satan and will be filled with My Peace.

6. Will not fall into either spiritual or material misery, and if one should fall, they will leave that state shortly.

7 They will go out of Purgatory, on the same day they die.

8 Will find in the virtue of My Tears, and in the Meekness of the My Divine Son Jesus the wisdom and the divine light in the difficult times of their lives.

9 Will have the defense of my Immaculate Heart against all the temptations that lead to sin.

10 Will receive partial and plenary indulgences, particularly on March 8th (Feast of the Apparition of Our Lady of Tears, to the seer Amalia), on April 8th (day of the Revelation of the Medal of Tears, to the seer Amália) and on the Holy Saturday of each year, (formally of Our Lady), and throughout his life and at death’s hour. 

11 Will have My special fondness in their life, and My defense on the day of final judgment.

12 Will have a special protection by the angels and saints who loved My maternal pains and tears most, and My eternal intercession along with God on their behalf, throughout their life. 

13 Through this Medal, I will attract all sorts of God's blessings, upon those who use it.

Go, My son Marcos, My apostle and herald of My Tears, go and spread to everyone the Glories and the Power of My Tears, the Chaplet of My Tears, and My Medal so that I may soon get to the hearts of all My children , may reign in them, and triumph over the world. By virtue of this Medal of My Tears, My Immaculate Heart will triumph! Peace! "

Therefore, to wear the Medal of Tears is to posses a powerful shield against the forces of hell, is to always be under the protective Mantle of the Mother of God, is to always be holding hands with Her, wherever we are or wherever we go in life, and is to be able to console Her Maternal Heart, scorned by men that do not correspond to Her infinite Motherly Love that deigned to give to the world such a powerful way of salvation. Let us Propagate, the Messages, the Chaplet, and the Medal of Tears, as much as possible, so that the whole world be converted and the Heart of Mary reigns, as soon as possible, in all hearts so that ultimately God's Kingdom be established among us. Amen

Prayer Cenacles, all Sundays at the Shrine at 9 o'clock.

February 22, 2012



8 My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” 
   Your face, LORD, I will seek. 
9 Do not hide your face from me, 
   do not turn your servant away in anger; 
   you have been my helper. 
Do not reject me or forsake me, 
   God my Savior.
(Psalm 27:8-9)

Blessed Maria Pierina of Michelil (died 1945), the privileged messenger of the "Holy Face of Last Times," has received numerous apparitions of Our Lord and Our Lady. THEY asked for, the frequent and constant invocation of the Holy Face of Our Lord, through the aspiration: "Lord, show us Thy Face, and we shall be saved! ..."
Our Lady also showed her a scapular, where the Holy Face was with the words: "Ilumina Domine, super vultum tuum super nos), (Lord make Your face shine upon us!) On the other side around a Host were the words: "Mane nobiscum, Dominei" (Lord, stand with us!) Slowly Our Lady came and said:

"Listen well and communicate to your confessor that this Scapular is a 'defense weapon', 'shield of fortress' and 'pledge of mercy' that Jesus wants to give the world in these times of sensuality and hatred to God and the Church... Few are the trueapostles! It takes a 'DIVINE remedy', and this remedy is the Face of My Son ... All those who wear the scapular, and who visit the Blessed Sacrament, making "A Holy Hour," every Tuesday to repair the insults He has received. Those who also continue to receive My Son, every day, in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, will be strengthened in faith, will be ready to defend it, and they will bear all internal and external difficulties ... Furthermore, will die peacefully, under the gaze of My Son ... "

Sister Maria Pierina found much difficulty in getting of her superiors of the convent to meet the request of Mary to make this scapular. They not only refused to do so, but they prohibited from doing so. They took her for crazy and unbalanced. They did not believe in these Apparitions until one day, the Mother Superior of the convent was replaced. Sister Maria Pierina then told this new superior about Messages and Our Lady's request to make the Scapular. At first she did not believe but the TESTIMONY OF LIFE AND HOLINESS of Sister Maria Pierina convinced her of the veracity of the Apparitions and agreed to help. Nevertheless, she told Sister Maria Pierina "- Tell to Our Lady that I can not make the Scapular, but if she accepts, I will make a Medal of the Holy Face with the inscriptions that She has asked for." Sister Pierina then asked the Virgin if she would accept the medal. Our Lady accepted. It was then minted the Medal of the Holy Face and spread over the world but, unfortunately, neither the Holy Face of Our Lord, nor the Medal are known yet, and loved as the Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus Christ had wanted.


Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...

On the big beads:
Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Ghost ...
as it was in the beginning, both now and forever,
by the ages of ages. AMEN

On the small beads:
Lord, show us Thy Face, and we shall be saved! ..

On then last three beads:
Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Ghost ...
as it was in the beginning, both now and forever,
by the ages of ages. AMEN


Offering: "Oh adorable Face of the Divine Redeemer, mirror of suffering, holy emblem of pain. For those atrocious torments suffered onThy Cross, accept torture, to console Ye, Jesus."

On the Cross: CREDO

On the three first beads:
"Holy Face of the Lord, blaze us, on Your Love"

On the big beads:
"For all that ye suffered for our salvation, Put an end to our sorrow! Alleviation in our affliction!"

On the small beads:
Holy Face of Lord, do alleviate our pain"
At the end of each Mystery:
"Lord Holy Face, do soothe our pain.


"Oh my good Jesus, who wants to save the world today, with that infinite love with which it was created and redeemed, include me also, among those who want to work for the triumph of Thy kingdom of love on earth. Receive, for this purpose, the total surrender of my whole being. Dispose of me. I want to spread the image of Thy Divine Face so that in all souls, Your image may be renewed. Jesus, operate out miracles of conversion. Call apostles for this new era, which in turn, should take care of, this new mission. That Thy Merciful love’s waves spread over the whole world, sinking and destroying evil. Renew the earth and cause it to men, feeling their hearts filled with love, turn back to live the Holy Gospel in the light of the sun that is Your Face.