May 17, 2013

Jacareí, May 12, 2013 - MESSAGE OF OUR LADY - 96th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL APPEARANCES OF FATIMA pastors, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta.

(Mark): "Yes .. Yes .. Yes, I will continue. Yeah, I'll fight to the end ... Yeah, yeah ... With your grace, I will have. Yes"


"Dear children, today, when you are contemplating ANNIVERSARY OF MY FIRST APPEARANCE IN FATIMA at the Cova da Iria in the distant year 1917 to LUCIA My three young children, Francisco and Jacinta, My prediletíssimos pastors, I return today to tell you: it tends hope, the woman clothed with the sun on the triumphs of the infernal serpent, the devil, in this world of sin, suffering and pain. Be confident, because this woman clothed with the sun which appeared at Fatima and who also appears here for Salvation is your Mother, She loves you, she's with you, I am, I am with you and I will triumph in the end.
The woman clothed with the sun and triumph that will bring a new era of peace. I, the Woman clothed with the sun bring to you a new and different time, where all tears will be wiped from their eyes, men faithful to God we live in a world of peace and tranquility, and nothing will be happy, and no harm another Once hurt.
The woman clothed with the sun triumph, leading to a period of peace, the period of peace that I prophesied at Fatima, where all men love one another as brothers and love and worship God with all your heart, and above of all things. The wicked, those who oppose God, that transformed the life of a good continuous martyrdom and not be here anymore, because God in His avenging hand and pull up on the righteous of this world and instead cast their eternal punishment . Then the world without the presence of evil, is a garden of peace of happiness and joy my children to be happy forever.
You can start to feel this peace, to enjoy this peace, this peace to enjoy praying the Rosary every day, and that will give you peace of heart, peace in families and peace in the world. Also making the salons, the prayer groups that desire to families, I will start taking little by little he is what he stole from God and from me, I will start again to restore families again and turn on the family of God, where God really lives and reigns with His peace.
Do your part and I'll make my, Me My brave soldiers, Fight ye not conceal this, because now is the time to come to light, to bear my love, my messages, all hearts of My children. Be united in love, in friendship and prayer that dividing killing yourselves to not let Satan can not win.
Look on the rapid increase my messages of love for all my children come to me, and I know I gave his heart. I want to reach all patients, all the sorrowing, all suffering, all sinners through you. I want to meet all my children into the fold of my Immaculate Heart, so I send you as My messengers to summon all my children back to Me
Living in peace, keep peace in your heart always praying more and also looking on your part to do the will of God in ways that my little son Mark has said today, fulfilling the will of the Lord where He wants, how he wants, where he works where estudais, in your family, in your town and the people you meet and relational. So, this way your life will be a holiness, God pure, genuine, sincere and ardent truth. This is holiness that He wants and I'm here as your Mother victorious to say that you should not get discouraged, I know the weight of his cross, suffering for your suffering, knowing all the pain that is within you, know that your wounds, one by one and say: do not be discouraged, the Mother of Heaven is closer to you than ever when it seems that not much, is that she is much more than juntinho and soon I will take you release all the suffering and oppression of the enemy where he lives now and I will bring peace My children finally long awaited and much anticipated.
Headquarters honest, dishonesty displeases God roubeis never anything from anyone, Send away what you have paid, you may be paying only you should at once be honest in all your business and work in all situations of life, even as other they do not let themselves be contaminated by the disease of dishonesty. Be certain, would never walk again lie in the mouth. See also grateful to their benefactors, to ungrateful lamented by God and men. Apply, determined, hardworking in everything you do because the lazy and relaxed in no time will be recognized by everyone and mentioned by all as someone who deserves no mercy.
Do not be lazy children, empregai his holy life to the service of God in the fulfillment of your daily servings of their daily duties and duty as Christians claim that none of you. That all manner that all its action and that all his talk are pure, who do not walk pests, obscenities, bad words in his mouth, but let words that build up and help others.
I am with you all the time and pray without ceasing for the throne of the Holy Trinity, even when you're sleeping I'm watching and praying for you all. And now I ask you again: pray for my plans, I pray Plans My Heart began in Fatima according to the revelation of the secret of Fatima, suddenly all mankind and all nations finally know the hour of my greatest triumph and truly become the nations of God in a world completely to God where He is the king of all hearts.
To bless you all this time with love La Salette and JACAREI FATIMA.

Peace My dear children, peace Mark, the work of My children. "