February 25, 2013




“My beloved children, today, when you contemplate the ANNIVERSARY OF MY FIRST APPARITION TO MY LITTLE DAUGHTER BERNADETTE, IN LOURDES, I invite ye again to look at Me as the Immaculate Conception who appeared atop the Rock of Massabielle, more terrible than a Army in Order of Battle, shining like the Sun, crowned with stars to crush all the evil of the world and to bring the Lord’s Peace to each one of ye! 

I appeared in Lourdes, terrible like an Army in Order of Battle, to fight against the Satanic forces who by means of the rising communism and of other things, was already starting to rehearse his steps to spread hell’s poison in the world and in souls and make Satan already at the outset of the beginning of his great activity on Earth, already broken by Myself and crushed with My Apparitions in Lourdes, though which caused faith to survive and win not only in France and Europe, but in the whole world throughout the twentieth century which was marked by My adversary’s very intense activity. This way, already at the start of Satan’s time, I came down from Heaven powerful and appeared to My little daughter Bernadette, to through Her rip the world’s darkness, make the Sun of grace shine and give all of humanity the certainty that in the end, I, the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, purity itself, holiness itself, the one who was never under the slavery of original sin, nor of Satan. I Am already a winner and in the end, all those who will be on My side with Me will triumph over sin, violence and all the evil that there is in the world. 

I appeared in Lourdes, terrible like an Army in Order of Battle, to gather My children around My Immaculate Heart, to fight with Me for the salvation of so many souls who run the risk of condemning themselves eternally. I made of My little daughter Bernadette the first among My soldiers, She who with the weapons of prayer, of love, of abnegation, of the forgetting of herself, of sacrifice, of the total donation, fought arduously with Me and even stuck to a bed of pain after the Apparitions, was a valorous warrior, who conquered millions and millions of souls for Me and also conquered for the Shrine of Lourdes a grace: a mystical, supernatural and holy atmosphere, that endures until today, touching so many hearts and attracting them to Me. This way, all of ye also, by the example of Bernadette, can be My soldiers and help Me in the great work of salvation of humanity, offering Me not only your prayers, but also your abnegation, the forgetting of yeselves, sacrifice, penance in the sufferings of life,so that offering Me these mystical roses: white of Prayer, red of Sacrifice, yellow of Penance and Expiation, you can help Me to save so many souls that My enemy now intends to lead to sin and then drag with him to the eternal flames.

Be My valorous warriors, My fighters who at every moment fight with Me for the salvation and the conversion of the whole world. I appeared in Lourdes, terrible like an Army in Order of Battle, to show ye that My times have come, the times of the Woman clothed with the Sun, of the great fight between Me and the great infernal dragon that I also prophesized in LA SALETTE the SECRET that I gave to My little daughter MELANIE.

These times in which you live are marked by the struggle between the Angels of the Lord and the Angels of hell, the evil Angels, between Lucifer and God, between the serpent and I, the Woman clothed with the Sun. If ye My children, fight with Me with the weapons that I gave ye, if you use wisdom and intelligence and don’t waste time, we will truly be able to make My enemy retreat, return all the souls that he seduced to sin again to the fold of My Son Jesus, re-conquer the ground he gained and this way give again to My Son the souls that He redeemed with the price of His blood shed on the Cross and thus secure for the Lord, for yeselves and for Me, the final victory.

Fight! I did not call ye to accommodate ye and to wait for God to do everything for ye! I called ye to be My soldiers, My warriors, be truly members of the Church Militant, of the one that fights on Earth against all the forces of evil and that hopes in God the day of His glorious return. If ye would be the true militates of My Celestial Militia, fighting with My Angels and Saints, bringing My Messages everywhere, combating sin with energy and vigor, if ye forget yeselves and have the high ideals which I plated in the heart of little daughter BERNADETTE and that she welcomed with so much docility and generosity, the ideals of donating yourself for the salvation of the world, of donating your whole life to Me and to God, of having a more sublime, higher and more holy life, then, truly ye little by little will sanctify yourselves like Her, you will arrive at that interior purity, that love ablaze that She had in Her heart, that perfection consumed of all the virtues and one day you will be able to reunite yeselves to Her in the glory of Heaven to together praise the Lord, bless His Name and proclaim His glory forever and ever.


Go drink at the fountain of grace, of the Lord’s grace, which purifies ye of all sin, that frees ye of all evil, that cures ye of all spiritual sickness and that makes ye be truly free, truly pure and truly Holy for the greater glory of the Lord. 

Go drink at the fountain and wash yeselves in it, to take out of your souls all sin, all the stain of spiritual misery, so that truly all the disorganized attachment of yeselves, of the world and of creatures, finally, is extirpated from inside of ye so that then you can truly walk on the path of holiness, that My little daughter BERNADETTE, guided and taken by the Hand by Me, trod before ye, so that then the world, seeing your light, seeing the light of your soul and your holiness, also believes and thus God’s love triumphs on all hearts. I, your MOTHER, am with you every day of your life and will never abandon ye. As I was My little daughter Bernadette’s strong rock, I also will be your rock. The rock of Massabielle was a picture of Myself. I Am a firm rock and anyone who holds on to Me, all those who lean on Me will never tremble, will never falter, will never perish.

To everyone and especially to you, Marcos, the most ardent defender, propagator and divulgator of My Message from Lourdes. To you, the most ardent devotee and student of My little daughter Bernadette. To you who made My APPARITION OF LOURDES more known, so known and loved and so many of My children today turn their hearts and their gazes to Me thanks to the videos that you made and understand My Message, penetrate in the kernel, in the heart, in the core of My Message, put it joyfully into practice in your lives. To you who provided so great a service to Me, you made for Me a work on excellency and also to all My children of the whole world, I bless generously now: from LA SALETTE, from LOURDES and from JACAREÍ. Peace, My children. Peace to you, Marcos, the most endeavored and dedicated of My children.”

February 23, 2013



“My beloved children, today, when you are commemorating My birth, My BIRTHDAY revealed Here by Me to My little child, Marcos, so many years ago, I come again today to bless and give My Peace.

My Birth is a cause of great joy for ye, because I was born before the Virgin Mary, who is the dawn of salvation, to prepare with My prayers, tears, sufferings and virtues, the path for the incarnate Word, of the Son of God, to save the entire world. Therefore, today, turn your gazes towards Me, your Celestial Father, JOSEPH, your guardian and your protector who is born holy, free from the fomes pecati and from sin already at seven months in My Mother’s womb.

I was born all holy, I was born all pure and all beautiful to be for ye a sign, a sign of salvation also, to point to you the path that leads to Christ, to illuminate ye in the darkness in which you live so that you see how much sin still exists in ye, to fight against your flaws every day and thus truly you arrive at holiness, which is nothing more than the perfect union of your souls with God through the supernatural love of divine charity, love in pure transformation that will fuse with Jesus, will fuse your hearts with His Sacred Heart and then you will become one with Jesus in love.

My Birth is a sign of hope for all of ye, since with My coming into the world also reached the fullness of time. God sends His Son to all of humanity and sin and Satan after the redemption accomplished by Christ no longer has the last word upon the world, man and history. God truly begins to enter in the history of man walking with him, redeeming him and elevating him to himself, so My birth is for ye a sign of great hope that with My coming into the world and after with the coming of Mary, the Aurora of salvation, with the coming of the Word, ye are no longer slaves, but you are free children and thus, there is no more spiritual or temporal slavery that ye cannot conquer if ye get close to the Lord, the Holy Virgin and if you truly love and follow Them. Deliverance from sin is easy for those who decide for God and the Most Holy Virgin and there is nobody who stays the slave of vice, sin and any misery if they want to come out of it, if they call Us Three, because Our ​​Three Sacred Hearts are ready to free all those who want to be free. Give us today your yes and we will free ye of all sin, from all bondage to Satan and we will make ye be truly free children who truly united themselves with God and in God they will love the perfect and true life now and forever.

My Birth is for ye also a sign of jubilation and joy,because I came to bring Peace, I came to prepare the path for the arrival of the Queen of Peace and of the Prince of Peace. With My Birth, I prepared the path for the first coming of the Lord and now with My Apparitions Here in Jacareí, I am coming to prepare the path for the Second Coming. Therefore, rejoice, because the Lord’s return is near. All of ye who are in state of grace, rejoice, because the day of the reward of all your labors, efforts, sufferings and merits, all that you did to be saints is coming. And ye who the whole time rejected the Messages that Heaven gave ye Here, you rejected Our calls to conversion. Weep and weep aloud because the day of your punishment is very near. Tremble and flee uselessly in caves, because there the Lord will reach ye and His fire will consume ye. But ye who are My children rejoice and be glad with Me, because on the day of the great Feast in Which We will meet at the table of the Father's house is very close.

The Warning is very near, the Miracle is very near, the Punishment is very near and woe to those who are not prepared. Here, all the chances and graces were given to ye and nobody can keep from being accused of guilt on that day. So, today, turn your hearts to the Lord, do not harden your hearts like rocks to Him, but open, open your heart to the so abundant grace which is offered to ye here like a river that overflows and that never ceases de you offer salutary waters of truth, of holiness, of goodness, of love.

I, your Father, was born to fill ye with the graces from Heaven and to transform your life in that which the Lord desires: a perfect reflection of Paradise.

He who follows Me, He who obeys Me, He who imitates My Virtues will never lose himself because I will lead him safely to the source of salvation.

Convert yeselves quickly! Now, I Am your amorous, caring and very solicitous Father, but when the great Punishment comes, I will no longer be your Father, but your judge if ye do not convert. If you call Me on that day being outside of God’s grace, I will tell ye I DO NOT KNOW YE and will not feel any pity for ye. Therefore, if you want Me as advocate and Father on that day, convert yeselves, today! Believe in the Gospel, in the Good News, obey Our Messages which are the living and pure Gospel so that then ye be truly recognized by Me as My true children and I can clothe ye with that beautiful glorious cape and that bright crown that I prepare every day in Heaven for those who strive to be My true children and to be holy as I, your Father Am Holy.

To everyone at this time, I bless generously and especially to you, Marcos, the most ardent of My children and of MY devotees, the one who made Me so known and loved by so many souls thanks to My Hour of Prayer and to everything that you have already done for Me: the divulgation of My life, revealed to My little daughter Mary Cecilia Baij of whom I loved so much. One day, you will be put along with Her in the same choir of the blessed in Heaven and you will be recognized there in Paradise as the children who loved Me most made My loved the most. To all at this time, I bless generously.”

February 15, 2013


(MARCOS): “May Jesus, Mary and Joseph be praised forever!" (Pause)
My beloved Lady, who are these two very beautiful Saints at your side?
Oh, how wonderful! 
Yes... Yes...”


“My beloved children, today, when you commemorate the 22nd ANNIVERSARY OF MYAPPARITIONS HERE IN JACAREÍ, to My little child MARCOS, I come again to bless ye and give ye My Peace. 

Peace! Peace! Peace! Was the Message that I came from Heaven to bring to the world from the year 1991, while My poor children were in the war. But peace, the world will never have while each of ye do not renounce your sins and do not open the heart to the Lord’s love, only fount of Peace, only way to get and achieve Peace. Therefore, Here, I come as the Ambassador of Peace to call all My children to the true Peace of heart which is only found through a deep encounter with God so that He transforms ye in His Messengers of Peace, in order that this world also transforms itself in the Earth of Peace.
Let yeselves be transformed by God’s Love that Here showed so much mercy toward you, calling ye from all parts, calling ye when you are still in sin for you to know the great love that We all Here in Heaven have for ye. So that thus, your lives completely transformed by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, transform themselves be truly bright lighthouses that guide all those who are in the darkness close to Our Lord who is the God of your salvation and peace.

 Let yeselves be transformed by God’s Love, allowing this Divine Love to enter in ye, be in ye and modify, resize all your life. Conform your thoughts and your will with the divine thought and will, so that thus God in your life can do everything that He wants, can pluck everything that He wants and can also plant everything from His divine good pleasure, in a way that your souls be truly a very beautiful plantation where the fruits of holiness, kindness, purity and love grow increasingly numerous every day.

 Be the Messengers of My Peace for this world, bringing My Messages of Peace to all of mankind, especially to those My child who still does not know Me and by not knowing Me suffers in this world without solace of My love, perishes in this world full of sin, evil and hate without a chance of knowing a better life with Me so that thus, they all get the love of My Maternal Heart Maternal that wants to save everyone, that wants to help everyone.

 Be ye My little doves of peace, bringing My Messages to all corners of the world, especially to those places which have more need of Me, where My children are lost in sin, the disoriented youth and many of My children perishing under Satan's slavery, because there is nobody who brings ye the light of My grace which can liberate everyone.

 Be My little doves of Peace, bringing to every heart, to everyone ye meet, My Word, which cures, frees, saves, gives strength and that, above all, makes Saints of all who listen with true love. 
I, your Mother, am very happy with you, because Here along these years, I was served, I was loved, I am served, I am truly loved by My little child Marcos, by My Slaves of Love and by all those who, obeying My Message, began to pray and to seek their own sanctification as I asked since the beginning here. My Heart will still perform great wonders over all those who listen to me and who are Mine.

 To all of ye and especially to you, Marcos, who with this VIDEO that you made of My APPARITION in CASANOVA STAFFORA, you removed a painful sword that was spiked in My Heart, as I told you a short while ago. To you who gave Me today a praise and an honor, a glory unheard of, to you at this moment, I bless generously from CASANOVA STAFFORA, from MEDJUGORJE and from JACAREÍ. Peace, My beloved son. Peace to all of ye My dear children.”


“Marcos, I, STANISLAUS KOTSKA, servant of the Lord, servant of the Mother of God, am exulting with joy that the day has finally come for Me to come here to give you My first message. As you know, since I was little, I practiced with much love the holy works that please the Lord so much and in My short life that I spent on Earth, I loved the Lord in so great a degree that in Heaven, many Angels were astonished with the flame of love I had in my heart. This same flame of love for the Lord, I want to give it to you, I want to share it with you, My beloved brethren. I want to again today, in the Name of the Mother of God, give to each one of ye this flame, because for some hearts I have already distributed Here and today, now, I want to give it to the greatest number possible of souls so that everyone comes out of Here burning in these flames of love, to light them in the entire world!

 Enkindle the flame of divine love in souls, the same flame that I had in Me, praying a lot, living plunged, immersed in a deep intimacy with the Lord, conforming your thinking and your will to His, so that thus ye and the Lord are in continuous tune, in deep union of feelings, thoughts, desires and of spirit. Thus, from your whole person, radiates for the entire world the bright light of holiness; the bright light of the Holy Spirit, the Grace of the whole Trinity, so that this world steeped in the darkness of sin can resurrect and might finally become what God always wanted: His heaven, His holy residence, where He can live in ye, abide in ye, rest in ye and delight himself in ye .

Enkindle the flame of divine love in hearts, bringing to everyone the Word of the Lord, the Word of the Mother of God, the Messages, bring the recorded Prayers that you have Here, as well as these marvelous videos that Marcos did: of the LIFE OF THE SAINTS, of the APPARITIONS OF THE MOTHER OF GOD, that can save so many millions of souls. 
Do not be cowards, because cowards will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven! Do not be afraid to speak out and give the world these riches. Do not be lazy, because lazy people will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Labor, because the time of labor is now, you are already at the end of the day, of the propitious time for conversion. Soon will begin the night of Punishment and woe to those who present themselves to the Lord of the Harvest with their hands empty. Also worse for those who rather than not having grown the harvest still have set fire to it with their sins, bad examples, with their slothfulness and their sinful life, for the Lord will say to these: Go damned, to the eternal fire! And He will command His angels, who will tie and cast them into the lake of fire forever.

Enkindle the flame of divine love in hearts and in souls, looking to be like I was: very pure, full of goodness, of love, of holy desires for the things of Heaven, always looking and at all times manifest God by thought, by word, by example and look at as many as you meet.
Take your hearts away from sin, from worldly things, from the slavery of vain things and of the creatures of this world and place it in holy things, in the things of God and there your eyes will also be and the more you see God's beauty and greatness, the more you will love Him and the more you will desire to work, suffer and immolate yeselves as I did.

 The reason that you do not see God's beauty, the sweetness of His love and how good it is to serve Him is because you are blind, you are blind because your heart is in the sin that blinds you. If ye take your heart from these evil things and put it in God, then the vision of your souls will open, you will feel God's love in your hearts, you will feel His sweetness, you will feel how much working and serving for the Lord in sweet and has nothing bitter. Your souls will exult with joy, tremble with happiness, will rejoice for knowing how much God loves ye and how much He loves the entire world.

 Enkindle the flame of divine love in the entire world, making Mary Most Holy, Saint Joseph, the Angels and the Saints known, for thus They will lead all souls to the perfect knowledge of the Most Holy Trinity and then all of humanity will truly become the Lord's Kingdom and the Garden of grace which will give Him joy, peace and contentment. Here in this Place where Heaven for so long has favored ye with infinite and countless graces, we the Saints inhabit day and night, we hear all the prayers that are made here and present to all of ye, every day to the Lord asking Him to have Mercy on ye. Unite yeselves with Us in prayer and in life, strive to imitate Our ​​Virtues, seek this way also to acquire merits so that We can help ye and incline the Almighty to have mercy on ye.

Love much! What the SACRED HEARTS came to look for Here is LOVE. What JESUS, the VIRGIN MARY, SAINT JOSEPH, what the Lord desires from ye is perfect love. They are already exhausted from knocking on the door of hearts looking for a bit of true love, without mixture of interests, without mixture of self love, without mixture of human love, supernatural love and they do not find this love in souls.

 Be not ye these dry wells, these arid and deserts hearts where They do not find this love, but rather, nurture this love in your heart, beseech, ask Him in your prayers and above all, seek to cultivate it making war on your flaws, on your corrupted will, so that thus in your hearts grows pure and perfect love that can give the Sacred Hearts: joy, glory and perfect correspondence.

 I, STANISLAS, will help ye get to that great holiness to which I arrived at such a tender age. I promise to take your hands and lead ye safely through the path of holiness. Give Me today your yes, your heart and I will move everything, do everything for ye.

 To all at this time I bless with love and especially to you, Marcos, who for so many years you love Me and pray to Me with so much love, you dedicate such a special part in your heart and you have never forgotten Me. To you I bless generously you now with all the blessings of Heaven.

(MARCOS): “See you soon, My dear. (Pause) See you soon, beloved Saint Anthony. (Pause) See you soon, dear Mother in Heaven.”

February 8, 2013



“My beloved children, today, when you are already so close to the 22th ANNIVERSARY OF MY APPARITIONS Here to My little son Marcos Tadeu, I ask ye again: Open your hearts while this time of Grace lasts for ye! This time, My time, has not yet passed, but it is about to end and when this My time ends, the Graces so resounding that are granted through these blessed times of My Apparitions to all those who hear Me, who love Me and who sincerely follow Me and say yes, will cease for all of ye. So, take advantage of this time of Grace that I give ye and CONVERT YESELVES HONESTLY!

Pray to have the strength to renounce yourselves, to sin and your corrupted and wicked will, that always wants what is against the Lord's will. In doing so, ye will truly leave the life of sin, will leave the old man and ye will become the new man, reborn in the Grace of the Holy Spirit, and you will live a new life in God.

Pray, opening your hearts so that you may have the grace of the encounter with God, of the true and deep encounter in prayer where the Lord can visit your souls. He wants to visit your hearts to let you feel the great love He has for you, feel the warmth of His Sacred Heart, all the affection He has for each of ye since He created ye in your mother's womb. But, to feel this love and receive the visit of God, your hearts must first renounce sin, to your inordinate love of yeselves and your will that block your heart and prevent God from visiting you and that ye may feel God's love and presence.

Therefore, cast out of your hearts everything that competes with God and your soul will finally find itself with Him, and then, your soul will be so full of God's presence and love that this peace and happiness will overflow out of you like a river dam that rips and pour itself over the entire world.

I love ye so much and want to bring ye a deep intimacy with God through the supernatural union of your souls with Him. When the soul is full of God's love, she only thinks Him, does everything to please Him, flees from everything that offends and hurts Him, speaks of Him to as many people as she can. The soul searches by all means to make the Lord better known and loved and when the soul truly loves God, she is full of His love, does not seek consolation in creatures, does not seek comfort in them, does not seek their love, but loves them for love of God. And when the soul is filled with this love, she feels hungry or thirsty of no other. This love is what characterizes all the Saints.

To you, Marcos, My beloved little son in whom I put My complacencies and who took from My Heart a most painful sword that was stuck for so many centuries because My daughter AGATHA OF CATANIA with Her life, Her suffering and Her martyrdom, were not known. You took this great sword of pain out of Me, making this My Daughter more known and more beloved through the video you made. To you I promise that as many as are the souls who follow the example of My daughter AGATHA and repent, so many and how many wonders and embraces of love I will give ye in Heaven.

Peace My beloved son, the most hardworking and dedicated of My children. Go and finish what you started.
Peace to all of ye My children, I bless ye now from LA SALETTE, from LOURDES and from PELLEVOISIN.”

(MARCOS): “See you soon.”

February 1, 2013


On the three first Chaplet beads:

Oh Jesus and Mary, look upon the tears, of that one, who

loved Ye most in the world, and loves Ye more intensely in Heaven

Initial Prayer:

Jesus and Mary,kneeling at Ye feet, we offer Ye, the pains and tears of Saint Joseph, which accompanied Ye on the suffering path, with intense participant Love, collaborating with You on the work of world Redemption, do, Oh Jesus and Mary, that by the merits of Pains and Tears of Saint Joseph, we fulfil your Most Holy Will here on earth, we come to the perfect love to Ye, we reach all necessary Graces to our souls's Salvation, so that, we can go praise Ye on the Heaven, for all eternity. Amém.


1 - For the suffered pain into see the Holy Mary pregnancy, even without knowing the mystery of the incarnation, Saint Joseph Co-Redeemer, blessed ye!

2 - For the suffered pain into see the Savior born of the Virgin Mary in the poverty of the grotto of Bethlehem Saint Joseph Co-Redeemer, blessed ye!

3 - For the suffered pain with Mary into hear the prophecy of Simeon in the temple, Saint Joseph Co-Redeemer, blessed ye!

4 - For the suffered pain and the dangers that you have passed at the escape into Egypt with Mary and baby Jesus, Saint Joseph Co-Redeemer, blessed ye!

5 - For the pain and injustice ye suffered while remained in Egypt with Jesus and Mary, Saint. Joseph Co-Redeemer, blessed ye!

6 - For the suffered pain in the loss of the Child Jesus and when the Eternal Father revealed that ye die, before the passion, staying Jesus and Mary, without You in Good Friday .. St. Joseph Co-Redeemer, blessed ye!

7 - For the pain that you suffered in your death, knowing all that Jesus and Mary would had to suffer and for all Your secret pains, revealed in the Jacareí Apparitions. St. Joseph Co-Redeemer, blessed ye!

On the big Chaplet beads:

Oh Jesus and Mary, look upon the tears, of that one, who

loved Ye most in the world, and loves Ye more intensely in Heaven

On the small Chaplet beads:

Oh Jesus and Mary, graciously hear our prayers, in virtue of the Pains and Tears of Saint Joseph.

On the three last Chaplet beads:

Oh Jesus and Mary, look upon the tears, of that one, who

loved Ye most in the world, and loves Ye more intensely in Heaven

Final Prayer

Oh St. Joseph, support of Jesus and Mary our Co-Redeemer, we beseech Thee, unite your supplications to our prayers so that, Jesus and Mary, yours and our love, to whom we are headed, on behalf of Thy pains and most holy tears, meet our supplications and grant us the graces we ask of You through to finally reach the crown of eternal life ... Amém

May your pain and tears of blood, oh Saint Joseph, destroy the infernal empire!

For the love you bear to St. Joseph, oh Jesus and Mary, save the world from threatening lose...Amém.