January 9, 2013

Jacarei, April 2, 2006 - Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ

Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ (from April 2, 2006)

"My Angel, write that My love for man led Me to suffer for them in such a way that they cannot claim anything to not believe that I love them and that I Am goodness and mercy.

Here is one more of My Sorrows unknown from men that I give you to know: When they arrested Me in the dungeon, they heated a branding iron, and marked my back with it. The pain that I felt made ​​Me almost faint. Drops of sweat bathed My entire body, My vision darkened, My legs softened. My Mother saw everything by supernatural vision and Her Tears of Blood pierced My soul like a spear. Later, in the Flagellation, that part of burning flesh of My back, was plucked by the blows of the executioners; that Pain that Me and My Mother felt was so great that no mind will ever be able to understand it all.

Blessed is the soul who honors this great Pain of Ours, because We will erase for her the flames of Purgatory and will deliver her of the flames of hell."
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