January 23, 2013

January 1, 2013 - Message from Gerard Majella Communicated to seer Marcos Tadeu - at the Shrine of Apparitions, Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil

"Marcos, today I come to tell you: I love you! I love this holy place of the Apparitions and I love each one who comes here. I protect everyone with love and never leave you alone.

In this new year that is born, I wish that you leave the darkness of sin and that you start a new life, in conversion and love. Renounce all sin and then God's Grace will burst forth with so much power in your lives that you will never be the same!

The Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph want to perform great wonders in your lives throughout this year, but your souls must prepare themselves well for this Grace. Therefore, pray until you have the inner strength to renounce sin and thus Divine Grace can triumph in your souls.

I bless ye with love and cover everyone with My mantle today."
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