January 9, 2013

November 9, 2003 - Our Lord (Sacred Heart)

Message from the Sacred Heart (from November 9, 2003)

“My chosen souls, My Mother appeared in Fatima, Lourdes, La Salette, in Paris, in El Escorial, Garabandal and so many locations of the earth, but men refused to obey Her or listen to Her.

The day will come in which men will cry tears of blood for not having listened to My Mother's Messages. My Mother's Books of Messages are often kept in dusty drawers without being read, without being divulged, without being put into practice. Our Messages will be collected, one by one, when I call you to My Presence and ask you for them. I do not want you to come empty handed, therefore, work while it is day and the sun is shining, seek sinners, seek the secluded, seek atheists, seek those who suffer, seek the anguished and bring them Our Messages because they are light, they are life, they are salvation.

My Sacred Heart wishes that each one of you become holy. Here, it is the School of Holiness and We, your divine teachers, teach you peace, love, virtue, salvation and good. Put Our lessons into practice, because only thus, you will be able to be pleasing to the Our Eyes and you may be approved in the great test.

My Sacred Heart pulsates with love for you and to all now, blesses you with love.”
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