February 23, 2013



“My beloved children, today, when you are commemorating My birth, My BIRTHDAY revealed Here by Me to My little child, Marcos, so many years ago, I come again today to bless and give My Peace.

My Birth is a cause of great joy for ye, because I was born before the Virgin Mary, who is the dawn of salvation, to prepare with My prayers, tears, sufferings and virtues, the path for the incarnate Word, of the Son of God, to save the entire world. Therefore, today, turn your gazes towards Me, your Celestial Father, JOSEPH, your guardian and your protector who is born holy, free from the fomes pecati and from sin already at seven months in My Mother’s womb.

I was born all holy, I was born all pure and all beautiful to be for ye a sign, a sign of salvation also, to point to you the path that leads to Christ, to illuminate ye in the darkness in which you live so that you see how much sin still exists in ye, to fight against your flaws every day and thus truly you arrive at holiness, which is nothing more than the perfect union of your souls with God through the supernatural love of divine charity, love in pure transformation that will fuse with Jesus, will fuse your hearts with His Sacred Heart and then you will become one with Jesus in love.

My Birth is a sign of hope for all of ye, since with My coming into the world also reached the fullness of time. God sends His Son to all of humanity and sin and Satan after the redemption accomplished by Christ no longer has the last word upon the world, man and history. God truly begins to enter in the history of man walking with him, redeeming him and elevating him to himself, so My birth is for ye a sign of great hope that with My coming into the world and after with the coming of Mary, the Aurora of salvation, with the coming of the Word, ye are no longer slaves, but you are free children and thus, there is no more spiritual or temporal slavery that ye cannot conquer if ye get close to the Lord, the Holy Virgin and if you truly love and follow Them. Deliverance from sin is easy for those who decide for God and the Most Holy Virgin and there is nobody who stays the slave of vice, sin and any misery if they want to come out of it, if they call Us Three, because Our ​​Three Sacred Hearts are ready to free all those who want to be free. Give us today your yes and we will free ye of all sin, from all bondage to Satan and we will make ye be truly free children who truly united themselves with God and in God they will love the perfect and true life now and forever.

My Birth is for ye also a sign of jubilation and joy,because I came to bring Peace, I came to prepare the path for the arrival of the Queen of Peace and of the Prince of Peace. With My Birth, I prepared the path for the first coming of the Lord and now with My Apparitions Here in Jacareí, I am coming to prepare the path for the Second Coming. Therefore, rejoice, because the Lord’s return is near. All of ye who are in state of grace, rejoice, because the day of the reward of all your labors, efforts, sufferings and merits, all that you did to be saints is coming. And ye who the whole time rejected the Messages that Heaven gave ye Here, you rejected Our calls to conversion. Weep and weep aloud because the day of your punishment is very near. Tremble and flee uselessly in caves, because there the Lord will reach ye and His fire will consume ye. But ye who are My children rejoice and be glad with Me, because on the day of the great Feast in Which We will meet at the table of the Father's house is very close.

The Warning is very near, the Miracle is very near, the Punishment is very near and woe to those who are not prepared. Here, all the chances and graces were given to ye and nobody can keep from being accused of guilt on that day. So, today, turn your hearts to the Lord, do not harden your hearts like rocks to Him, but open, open your heart to the so abundant grace which is offered to ye here like a river that overflows and that never ceases de you offer salutary waters of truth, of holiness, of goodness, of love.

I, your Father, was born to fill ye with the graces from Heaven and to transform your life in that which the Lord desires: a perfect reflection of Paradise.

He who follows Me, He who obeys Me, He who imitates My Virtues will never lose himself because I will lead him safely to the source of salvation.

Convert yeselves quickly! Now, I Am your amorous, caring and very solicitous Father, but when the great Punishment comes, I will no longer be your Father, but your judge if ye do not convert. If you call Me on that day being outside of God’s grace, I will tell ye I DO NOT KNOW YE and will not feel any pity for ye. Therefore, if you want Me as advocate and Father on that day, convert yeselves, today! Believe in the Gospel, in the Good News, obey Our Messages which are the living and pure Gospel so that then ye be truly recognized by Me as My true children and I can clothe ye with that beautiful glorious cape and that bright crown that I prepare every day in Heaven for those who strive to be My true children and to be holy as I, your Father Am Holy.

To everyone at this time, I bless generously and especially to you, Marcos, the most ardent of My children and of MY devotees, the one who made Me so known and loved by so many souls thanks to My Hour of Prayer and to everything that you have already done for Me: the divulgation of My life, revealed to My little daughter Mary Cecilia Baij of whom I loved so much. One day, you will be put along with Her in the same choir of the blessed in Heaven and you will be recognized there in Paradise as the children who loved Me most made My loved the most. To all at this time, I bless generously.”
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