The Holy Peace’s Gray Scapular

Jacareí, September 13th, 2003

The Revelation of The Holy Peace’s Gray Scapular

The seer Marcos Tadeu’s comments: I was waiting for the arrival of the Lady praying the Tears Rosary, at Dozule Cross at the Shrine. Three friends were with me. The Most Holy Mary did appear in front of the Holy Cross with the Angel of Peace on her side. The Lady told me:

Our Lady: "Dear child Marcos, today I come to give you and through you, a Great Grace to the whole world ... This Grace is a new gift of Love from My Heart. "

The seer Marcos Tadeu’s comment: Then, the Mother of God took the gracious position which She has on the Holy Medal of Peace, with roses in the clouds at her feet, with a luminous Eucharist on Her right hand and the Rosary on the left one. The Angel of Peace walked away to the left, and so around Our Lady, appeared a rectangular frame, connected to another rectangular frame with a white cord. The rectangular frames were gray. The Lady then said:

Our Lady: " Dear child, this is the Gray Scapular, The Peace’s Scapular. This Scapular is a new gift of Love from My Heart to the World and also to you, my son. You have been carrying a heavy cross, beyond your force, I know ... and you have still continued to serve Me and spreading My Messages to the world of all known and possible ways so far ... Even with all the great torments and persecutions that you have had, You do not disobeyed Me and persisted for the fulfillment of My Will. The suffering accepted with patience, attracts new blessings from the Lord and He pours down the Divine Mercy on the world. Their sufferings were used to obtain this grace from the Highest and of My Heart. "

Seer Marcos Tadeu: “The Lady was full of magnificent radiance and his light dazzled my eyes. In the second rectangular frame, formed into them the figures of the Heart of Jesus crowned with thorns and bleeding, then the Immaculate Heart of Mary surrounded by an arc of thorns and then the Loving Heart of St. Joseph surrounded by flames of Divine Love. Around The Three Sacred Hearts, appeared a luminous Rosary, whose beads were shining brightly. Finally came a glorious cross to the bottom of every scene. In another frame, around Our Lady appeared the words " Queen and Messenger of Peace."

The Mother of God continued: "- As I said, this is the Peace’s Scapular .. Where it is, I will be there leading the Graces of the Lord. Those ones who use this Scapular with fervor and devotion throughout his whole life until the hour of death, will not know the eternal flames and will be saved by Me from the flames of purgatory, three days after his death. Those my beloved children, will be rescued by Me in life and in the death, and I will be always there to comfort them in their sufferings. Those who wear the Peace’s Gray Scapular will be defended against the evil spirits and will take My Peace wherever they go. 
This Scapular will be an instrument of the all Graces to My beloved children. So as soon as you can my child, ask to make my Scapular to fulfill my purpose. "

Then the Angel said: "- This is one of the meanings of the seven roses at the feet of the Blessed Virgin:
- The 1st rose means the Seven Chaplets which She revealed here;
- The 2nd rose means the holy Medal of Peace;
- The 3rd rose means the Messages;
- The 4th rose means the revelation of the secret sorrows of Jesus, Mary and Joseph revealed ​​here;
- The 5th rose means the Holy Hour of Peace and The Hour of St. Joseph;
- The 6th rose means the holy water source of the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph;
- The 7th rose means the Peace’s Scapular;”
Remember that the Scapular of Peace does not exempt the use of the brown scapular of Caramel, by the contrary, should be used along with it, because the Blessed Virgin Mary never cut the graces that She has taken, but multiplies them. You should make this scapular in taffeta (note: I had never heard about this cloth before) and if you cannot, in other cloth. Marcos, make the Scapular and the Heart of Mary will do effusing Graces on the souls. "


O Mary, Queen and Messenger of Peace, in obedience to Your Holy Messages of Jacarei Apparitions, I desire that be imposed now on my body and on my soul, on my mind, Your HOLY PEACE’S GRAY SCAPULAR
In the presence of My Holy Guardian Angel and my devotion saint, with this act, I consecrate myself totally and forever to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to your Immaculate Heart and to the Loving Heart of Saint Joseph, giving You, full right and authority about me. I give you with completely, unrestrictedly, irrevocably, my body, my soul, with all his faculties, powers and operations; all my will, my acting, and my freedom, in short, all my life, so that Thy will be done on me. I'm fully Yours forever and ever.
I promise to obey Your Holy Messages from Jacarei Apparitions, work for to make them known and obeyed by others, spread the True Devotion to Your Three Most Sacred United Hearts, give to You consolation, reparation, obey You on everything . 
With this act I also want to reparate Your Sacret Heart, to the disobedience by the souls to the Messages from Your Holy Jacareí Apparitions, Oh Lady of the Peace’s Scapular , accept this my act of consecration Perennial, I do before the whole heavenly court, with the soulfull of faith, love and hope on You.
By Your Holy Peace’s Scapular, Mother of God, unite me with You, Oh Lady, and don’t let ever, I separate of You! By Your Holy Peace’s Scapular, Mother of God, give peace to the whole world!
By Your Holy Peace’s Scapular, Oh Messages Lady, fulfill Thy promises about me and those who wear this Scapular, and initiate the Kingdom of Thy Most Sacred Heart in souls and in the world!
By Your Holy Peace’s Scapular, Oh Lady of Tears and Peace, destroy the forces of hell and be the world saved of the threatening loss! Amem