"My beloved children, I am the Mother of God, I am Theotokos, your Mother.

Early in this New Year that begins, I have come to tell you I AM THE MOTHER OF THE NEW TIME, the new time of Grace that God grants ye, with the dawning of this New Year.

I am the Mother of the new time of Grace, and therefore, call you to a deep conversion, to a profound change in life, and truly reshape all your life according to the will of God, His Law of Love, with My Messages, so that your life will always be a signal of God's love and My love in the world among men, and ye that are light in the midst of so much darkness that has now descended upon humanity.

I am the Mother of the new time of grace and that's why I call you all to an urgent return to God. I come to call the world to conversion for the last time, after that My Apparitions here in Jacareihave finished, I will never return to this world.

Thus, My children, this is the last chance that God and I give to all mankind and to every one of you. Do not throw away your salvation. Do not play with something as serious as this time of grace that God gave ye, while My Apparitions here last.

While I'm here giving My Messages to the whole world and also to ye, I can also help ye to convert, to save ye, I can draw you nearer to God, I can ever more, take ye until God. The time will come that My Apparitions will cease, and then those who scream for Me calling Me, to these I can no longer help. I cannot do anything else for them because the time of mercy and clemency will have already passed. Know, and therefore, recognize the time of My visit and do as St. Elizabeth, Zacharias and little John the Baptist did; exult with joy in God for My presence here. Know and listen to the words that I tell ye. Know to recognize Jesus, know to recognize the Lord that I bring with Me in My Apparitions, to give you, to reign in ye and in your lives.

Receive him! Accept it! Love him! Follow him! Hear My maternal voice, that orders ye all: throw open the doors of your hearts to Christ. So, truly you'll valorize the grace of My presence, and of My Apparition here, and truly ye shall give Me, what I came here looking for from Heaven 20 years ago, and what I never tire of asking you: LOVE! True love, supernatural love, profound love on pure transformation, by God and Me, by the salvation of souls, and by yourselves. Save your souls by praying, doing penance, divulgating My Messages, thus by helping Me to save the souls of the others, ye will predestine your own souls, to Heaven and Salvation.

My children, I am the Mother of the new time of grace, which the Lord hath given ye in this New Year because I want to follow with you in your conversion. I want to continue the process of your sanctification, leading ye ever higher, ever closer to the Lord, always, so that ye may become more holy and more similar to my son Jesus and Me. Therefore, I ask you a greater docility, greater confidence, a greater surrender in My Hands, a higher waiver of yourselves, and the world, so that you may be docile instruments in my hands, so that I accomplish through you, My Plan of Salvation for all of humanity.

I am the Mother of the new time of Grace, which the Lord has granted ye, and that's why this year I will pour upon you like never before, the Effective Graces of My Immaculate Heart. And if you cooperate with My Grace, if ye help My Grace, I'll truly do extraordinary things through you.

In these times of great apostasy, of the great tribulation, on what the darkness of sin, of evil, lack of faith, loss of faith, of apostasy ended up and has overlaid the entire world. Even the Catholic Church, which is the only one true, unique way to salvation, My daughter is disfigured. The church is covered with sores, because many of its ministers and its faithful no longer pray, do not have the true faith, and have assimilated the mistakes of the world that are now taught and propagated as truth, as a good.

In these times where everything collapses, and finishes, I come to call you to be my faithful children that ye may be my good toilers, good workers that rebuild My Holy Church with Me, defend the holy Catholic faith, save the souls of My children, and lead them all to safe refuge of My Immaculate Heart, before it gets dark, and falls the night of the great tribulation. So I send my children, not to the amenities of the world, but to fight, to work, to tussle for the salvation of souls that I love so much and cost all the blood of My Son Jesus. Thus, by helping Me to save these precious souls in the world, I can hasten the time of the glorious and miraculous triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

Confidence My children, in this new time of Grace, in this new year that God gives ye, because your Mother has everything already planned and drawn, already has Her victorious plan, successful, fully drawn by Her and by the Holy Trinity, in smallest details.

Do not lose hope, do not lose courage and confidence, follow in peace because your Mother in Heaven, even knows how many hairs you have, knows how many times your heart beats, and won't allow the enemy to prevail upon you. Therefore, My children, move ahead, because I am with you along with My Son Jesus and Joseph, as My Son Jesus, have promised ye, until the end of the world. And by the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph, because on My Immaculate Conception, in My YES I've overcome the world, I have overcome, Satan.

To everyone in this time, I do bless you generously, from Fatima, from Kerezinon, and from Jacareí...

Stay in the Lord's Peace... Peace be to you, Marcos, The most darting of My children..."


"My beloved children, My Loving Heart blesses you today as this New Year is born, and gives ye Peace. Be not afraid! My Loving Heart is with you. It is your shield. It is yours refuge, and seeking refuge in It, you will be protected and defended from all evil.

As well as I have not failed in the care, of the Child Jesus and the Immaculate Virgin, the two Greatest Treasures of the Eternal Father, I also will not fail with ye, that are the blessed race of the Lamb of God, and the Woman clothed with the sun.

Will keep ye, will protect ye, and defend ye, forever! And today, I come to call ye to grow more in love, trust and docility to Me, so that, My Flame of Love descends, and powerfully triumphs in ye.

MY FLAME OF LOVE SHOULD DESCEND and triumph in ye, in this new year that is born, and that's why you shall to come back now with all your love, to My Paternal Heart, because My Heart wants to bestow upon ye His Flames of Love, to blaze ye, ever more of love for the Lord, and making you grow in virtue and holiness. Therefore, I want your total unreserved, “yes” to My call of love today, so I can kindle My Flame in ye today, so that, I can turn ye, into bright torches, that brighten this world shrouded in darkness of evil, of sin, of apostasy and hatred.

My Flame of Love should come upon your hearts and triumph in ye, and so I want you to intensify your prayers, always asking for the outpouring of My Flame of Love that will prepare you for the Second Pentecost, which draws nearer to you.


My Flame of Love shall to descend and triumph on ye, and that is why, I ask ye to imitate, the love that the Saints had for Me, especially my daughter Teresa of Avila, Andre Bessette, and many others that loved Me, with so much strength and intensity. So that through you I can also accomplish admirable things, can convert many sinners, and make shine, ever more, the Glory that the Holy Trinity has given Me, so that sinners are not afraid to approach the Lord through Me, because I am a loving Father, merciful and sweet. In Me there is nothing terrible, nor severe, I love sinners and desire to lift them out, of the mire of sin in which they have fallen. Therefore, I extend My hands a thousand times per day, if needed, to the sinner who calls Me, that calls Me with confidence and surrenders completely to Me, asking Me to help him to convert himself, and to return to the Lord.

My Heart will never reject, never say no, to one who asks Me, “My beloved father Joseph, save me!” To the sinner who invokes Me, even if his sins are darker than the night, if he invokes Me with confidence and love, I will not reject him, will not leave him, but will take him in My arms, as I did with the Child God, and then and there, I will to carry him again to the House of the Father, reconcile him with the Lord, and with the Blessed Virgin, will cleanse, will heal his wounds opened for his sins, and I will give him, a new beauty, a new life in God.

My Loving Heart, will pour out His Flame of Love upon ye copiously the more you open your heart to Me, and give Me access to your heart. So dilate it, open it widely for Me, and in this year, I will pour My Flame of Love over ye so much that you shall fuse with God, as metals are fused in the fire.

I wish to lead ye, to an extreme holiness, so I want your, “yes”. I open to ye the door of My Loving Heart that is, and will always be, your refuge. Enter upon It, and I will keep ye, nourish, teach, and will carry ye, ever more, to the Heart of Jesus.

To everyone in this time, I do bless ye generously, from Bethlehem, from Nazareth, and from Jacareí...

Peace, My beloved children, stay in the Lord's Peace, I cover ye with My Mantle..."

JACAREÍ, DECEMBER, 25th, 2011 


"My beloved children, today I come again with my Son Jesus in My arms, the King of Peace, to give you the Blessings of PEACE and LOVE.

Peace to your hearts!
Peace to your souls!
Peace, ever Peace!

Pray always more for the Peace, Protect the Peace with fervent prayers, and helping Me to divulgate my messages of prayer and conversion to the world, so that increase ever more, the number of instruments of My Peace, those who protect the Peace with prayers and sacrifices and the holiness of their lives.
As well as, My Son Jesus came to ye in His first Christmas, so, He will come a second time, but as I always said ye in His second back, in His second coming, He will not come as a weak and helpless child, who was crying from the cold, among the straws but will come as the Lord of Heaven and Earth, Eternal Judge, Immortal, to give to every man according to his works. To good persons, will give the Prize and the Reward for the love that they had at My Son, the Lord, for My Sake and for souls, the goodness that they did to the world. And to the evil persons, our enemies, will give eternal punishment that they deserve because of their wickedness, hardness of heart, impiety, the evil deeds, the fruits of death, that their souls produce.

This return, of My Son Jesus is closer, each day. So I have to say that Jesus will return to you to give you the prize, that He prepares for everyone, who loves Him.
Jesus will return in glory to you to renew the Heavens and the earth, to cleanse the whole world of sin, of all the evils that are practiced every day, so many works and sins made ​​contrarily to the God's Commandments. And so, in the among you, establish His Kingdom of Love, Peace, Grace, Holiness and Justice where Earth will be already a reflection of Paradise and where everyone will love the Lord, will serve Him, and will glorify Him.

Jesus will come back in Glory unto ye, for free you from all suffering, all pain, and no tears else will fall of your eyes, and you My children, who now suffer and groans in these times of great tribulation that arrived already to ye, ye will be comforted, because those who mourn are Blessed and will be comforted by My Son who will soon exterminate out of the earth's face, all who do evil, and will clean of all his crimes and will give you a new era of Peace that My Immaculate Heart, along with of Joseph, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus prepares, we prepares everyday for ye!

Jesus will return to you in glory, on the splendor of His glorious body, and everyone including those who crucified Him and have condemned Him to death, will see Him, and then all peoples will cry, will mourn, will beat in their chests, and every tongue will confess that only My Divine Son Jesus Christ is the only King immortal, Invincible Winner, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords! So My Immaculate Heart will get His greatest triumph promised to you at Fatima, again promised in so many of my Apparitions until reach Here and you will see new Heavens and new Earth coming to you, to all those who love Us, that now listen to Our messages, serve Us, and everyday are looking for to make us better known and more loved.

My Son will returns in glory to ye, and that's why I'm here for so long, to prepare ye for His Second Coming, His Second Return, to prepare for Him a faithful people that will go to receive Him, and will go to His meeting, over on the Heaven's Clouds.

To all in this time, I ask ye to continue with all the prayers that I have given here, to continue with all the Hours of Prayer, that disclose all these Hours of Prayer, all these Meditated Rosaries, as well as, the videos of My Apparitions, that My son Marcos did and gave it to you, for that so, much more My children souls know Me, come to My Heart, for to be by the Heavenly Mother, loved, healed, freed, saved and conducted back to my Son Jesus.

I counting on you! I do hope, your yes!

Give me your yes and I will turn you into My instruments and messengers of Peace!

To everyone in this moment I do bless generously, from Bethlehem, from Nazareth and from Jacareí...

The Peace My children! Stay in the Peace of the Lord!...I cover ye with My Love Mantle, now..."


"My dear brothers! Marcos, my most beloved friend, I HILD, Lord's servant, Mary's servant, came today with Her and with Our Lord boy, to give ye Peace and tell thee:


Enlighten, the world with the Light of Christ, and His Most Blessed Mother, banishing the darkness of sin for wherever ye pass, wherever ye go, so that truly Satan be ever more, trampled under the Feet of Jesus and Mary, and Truth, triumph over falsehood, the Good over evil, Light over darkness.

Go ahead apostles of light, lead the Light of the Lord and of Most Holy Mary, living ever more, in a profound life of prayer, a profound interior life, a profounder life of intimacy with God, the Mother of Heaven, the Angels, with the Saints, living continuously in meditation of the Messages, of the Word of the Lord, for that ever more the Light of Truth, the Light of Wisdom, the Light of the Holy Ghost, that one that enlightens ye, and conducts ye everyday of your life. For that then, having this light of Heaven in ye, you can illuminate the lives of all those who walk in darkness, and ye can help everyone to reach to Salvation, until the Lord in Heaven, which wait for all His children with open arms, for to fills out ye, with His Grace and His Love.

Go ahead apostles of light, lead the Child Jesus's Light, lead the Immaculate Mary's Light, through the Heart of Saint Joseph, spreading Their Love Messages, for you are the temples of the Lord, the holy cities of the Lord and the Mother of God, and therefore you ought to keep the city always clean, always beautiful, always bright and fragrant with an intense life of prayer, sacrifice, penance, love and help all your brothers to have also this heavenly and angelical life. So, go, carry to them the Light of Heaven that here ye knew, that ye have been given here to prove, to feel. Go and lead to all of God's Love, showing how to live with God is sweet, smooth, happy, and that in God and in the Mother of God, there is no any bitterness. Go, and to them all this love that Here are so favored ye, that here ye are so elevated and enriched, so that their souls may also leave the spiritual misery and like ye can also get closer to rise more and more to God even becoming Holy Lord's cities, as ye are.

Go apostles of light, lead the Light of the Child Jesus, bring the light of Mary Immaculate, The Lady of Bethlehem, lead the light of the Heart of Saint Joseph to all who have not seen it do not know it. For that then, the hell darkness be banned ever more, of life of all men and the KINGDOM OF HEARTS OF JESUS​​, MARY AND JOSEPH, come to the world, and be established in the world at each soul in every family, every heart in each nation. To do so, go to do the Rosary Prayer Groups, the Cenacles that the Mother of God have ordered ye, leading all Her Messages, leading the Hour of Peace, leading all the Treasures that here She gave ye, these powerful means to illuminate the souls, so in these prayers recorded in this place, resides great light. When ye pray them, from your mouth, from your eyes, from your heart, go out a so intense light, and so powerful that it blinds the devils and they can no longer see the souls that they wanted before to lose,and to drag with them, to the sin. So go, lead this light to all sinners, for everyone to see it, so that satan may not harm the souls, and so, a major number of them turn back into the arms of the Lord, and of Heaven Mother.

You are the holy cities of the Lord and the Mother of God, take care for that the oil of your lamp never end, that is, that the fierceness of your faith, your love never diminishes, never ends, nourish your oil lamps with meditations, more profound and continuing of the Messages, of the lives of the Saints, of what Heaven gives you all here to know, the life of Our Lady and Queen Mary, in the books of the Mystical City of God. For that thus, keeping your souls, your lamps full of the good oil of heavenly things the flame of your love, the flame of your faith will never erase.

Nourish the flame with the videos of the Apparitions, Messages, the Lives of the Saints, that Marcos did and gave it to you, because there, lies a great Grace, lies a great Light from Heaven and a Great spiritual anointing of the Holy Ghost, to give ye ever more Grace , Wisdom, Love and Heavenly Life, sanctifying life for the soul.

I, HILD, I am with ye always, bless ye, keep ye, cover ye with my mantle at all times and never leave you alone. I love you so much! There much I pray for ye, and there much that I suffer seeing that so many of ye, takes so long into surrender ye completely to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, here and give your life to Her.

I pray for you every day before the Hearts of JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH, asking that They not abandon you for your delay, your slowness in responding YES to their call, and for so many ungrateful to Them, even after so much Love, so many Messages of so many Graces that they gave ye. I have gotten a bit of time for thee, but I pray ye, hasten your conversion! Hasten your yes! Give your yes to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary through the Heart of Saint Joseph, that the Lord do not forsake ye, and that His Plan of Love be fulfilled itself, without delay in all and each of ye.

I HILD, do cover ye with my mantle, and pour upon ye the abundance of the Lord's Graces. The Peace to everyone, the Peace to you Marcos, the most dedicated, the most beloved of my brothers..."

JACAREÍ, DECEMBER, 18th, 2011 

"My children, today once again, I come from Heaven to cover ye with My Grace. I am That One, That same Lady, the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION that appeared to My little daughter, Bernadette at the poor Massabielle Grotto, in Lourdes, and that there, over the centuries have made ​​so many, and many Graces!

I am the same Mother who lives forever, and ever, with God and in God our Lord. The men have gone, the times have gone, and I continue eternal with God, unchanging. And that's why I'm here again to tell you:

Follow on, with confidence and hope, because I am your Mighty and Glorious Mother, who has traced already all the Great Plan of mankind Salvation, into this plan thee are included, and ye who follow the Messages that I've gave you here, occupies a special place in this Plan .
So My children, from thee I ask a love, a kindness, a gentleness, an unlimited obedience to everything that I have requested, so that we can drive my plan of salvation with thee until its perfect and complete victory.

Follow on, with joy, with peace and happiness at heart, for knowing yourselves, so loved so, by the Heavenly Mother who has chosen ye, called ye and placed ye here, in this great Salvation Plan, that My Immaculate Heart each day leads ahead with you. For that so, never slaughter ye, the sufferings, tribulations, and the difficulties you face in your day-to-day. But that each time more, you, supported in My Love, with trust in My Love, can move on, with joy and hope, complying, ever more, with everything that the Holy Ghost through Me, accomplishes in you and still want to accomplish in you.

Follow onwards, the prayer path, penance and of the Love that I have pointed out ye here, that every day my Heart through you, of your divulgation, your apostolate, your example, can reach all my children who still doesn't know My Love, even the most distant. For that then, my Immaculate Heart triumph on all my children lives, and the Sacred Heart
of My Son Jesus, really come, to establish His Kingdom in all souls.
Follow on, with love and hope, because your Redemption draws near, My Immaculate Heart will soon initiate, all his power, and then, satan will definitely be destroyed and God will again be Served, Adored and Glorified by all His children .


The Prayer is the world's salvation, the prayer is the salvation of souls, the prayer is the lifeline of families, the prayer is the salvation and is the answer to all your problems, my children! Prayer is, and will once again be, the salvation of the world, as was the first time in the Angelic Salutation, as again when I've gave the Rosary for My son, so well loved, so well dear, Domingos Gusmão, and as was also the splendid victory, that my Immaculate Heart have obtained in the Lepanto Battle.

The Rosary, it's My favorite prayer along with all the Chaplets that I gave ye, with the Holy Hours of prayer, which I have given ye here, will be once again, the salvation of whole mankind.

To all of you at this time, My little children, I do bless and say:


I bless you now generously, from Lourdes, from Heroldsbach, and from Jacareí...

The Peace little children! Go, in the Lord's Peace..."

JACAREÍ, DECEMBER, 14th, 2011 


"My children, I love you and I'm with you always. Do not fear, because your heavenly Mother is very close to you and knows everything you need. Pray much the Holy Rosary and all the prayers that I have given you, because through them I'll lead you to a great holiness. The true devotion to Me, is an ardent, and as much as a soul serve Me by the prayer of the Rosary, more it burns in holy desires to serve Me through the Holy Rosary, and more it seeks to bring all souls as it can, to serve Me through it. When many souls love Me and serve Me through the Holy Rosary, I'll pour powerfully the effective Graces of My Immaculate Heart, over the whole world, turning it into a garden of grace and holiness. Pray, pray and pray much My Rosary. To everyone I do bless in, this moment, with all My love."

JACAREÍ, NOVEMBER, 27th, 2011  

"My beloved children! Today, when you celebrate my apparition to My little daughter CATHERINE LABOURÉ happened in 1830, exactly when I revealed to her My Miraculous MEDAL, I come again today to tell you:

Trust in My maternal love, that there are already 170 years ago, gave ye a powerful shield that is My Miraculous Medal, to defend you from all attacks of Satan, all the evils that in these final times, Satan unleashed in the world, with the goal of bringing all mankind to sin, damnation and ultimate doom. So that, My children, through the medals that I have given you, further I can always protect you, defend you and rid ye from all evil, that Satan wants you to do.

My Miraculous Medal is truly a priceless gift of My Heart to all My Sons, and thereby,through it, I realized in the world over the centuries, so many wonders! Can not be counted the number of souls that I took from the clutches of the infernal dragon, through My Miraculous Medal.
Trust, therefore, in my maternal love, who gave you this Medal as a lifeline in the midst of the shipwreck where all of humanity now sinks: the sin of apostasy, violence, hatred and rebellion against God and His Holy Law of Love. For that then, my children, you may be helped ever more, be relieved, comforted and sustained by thy Mother in Heaven.

Trust in My maternal Love, that on My Miraculous Medal showed Itself ye mightily. Yes, your heavenly Mother who holds in His Hands the gilded globe, which symbolizes each one of you, the world, the France, the Nations, ye can see the love of the Mother of Heaven, who watches constantly by his sons, who never forgets, never leave them and never allow Satan to triumph over them.
Since when I gave My Miraculous Medal to the world through my little daughter Catherine Laboure, truly, I say that Satan no longer has the last word on the souls, about the fate of the world and the Nations. Thus, through this medal I ever more crush his head, always pour more over my children the grace that My Lord have given to Me, as a mighty river that never ceases to pour upon those souls who trust in My power as Mediatrix of all Graces!

Yes, My children, in this Medal My Triumph ye is always more assured, confirmed. And thus, you must trust ever more in My motherly love, that there are already more than 170 years, ago you gave a powerful weapon in the fight against Satan and his kingdom, and already gave you a pledge, a sure guarantee of victory, of THE TRIUMPH OF MY IMMACULATE HEART .
Your Immaculate Mother, terrible as an army in battle array, powerful, possessing all the graces of God, represented in the Miraculous Medal, is the great sign which the Apostle John saw in heaven to appear: The Woman clothed with the sun, Crowned of TWELVE stars, Powerful, terrible as an army in battle array, who crushes the serpent's head, crushing the great dragon.
Yes, my children! I am your Heavenly Commander and you must follow Me now in complete docility to My voice, obeying everything that I have said in My Messages to the greater Triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

In the difficulties, do not be discouraged! In the sufferings don't despair! In THE DEVIL'S TEMPTATIONS DO NOT GIVE A PLACE TO HIM IN YOUR SOULS, BUT PRIOR, shut all the doors of your senses, so that, YOUR HOUSE IS ALWAYS MORE, guarded of all evil, all sin, THAT IS, YOUR SOUL BE FREE OF ALL SIN.
AFTER a sin, a committed foul, DO NOT STAY ARGUING WITH SATAN, THAT IS, BECAUSE WHAT HAPPENED AND HOW IT HAPPENED. But first, turn ye rushing to My arms, take My Miraculous Medal, take hold it with trust, AND PRAY THE PRAYER THAT IS RECORDED ON IT, AND THAT I teached My daughter Catherine Laboure, AND I PROMISE YE: I'll bring ye back to the WAY OF HOLINESS, AND EVER MORE, CRUSH THE HEAD OF THE INFERNAL SERPENT in your lives and in your souls.

Follow the example of Catherine Laboure that has loved Me so much, and was so obedient to all My desires, which suffered so much for My Love, for My sake, and that gave Me so much glory, seeking by all means become Me known through of My medals.

If you follow her example by praying the Rosary with love every day, and spreading My Miraculous Medal to all my children, So, you will hurry, and much! the coming of the Glorious Kingdom of Jesus and My Heart to the world, being the apostles of My Miraculous Medal, and the apostles who spread My Messages ever more to the whole world, and you shorten long, Advent, this SECOND ADVENT who you are living, which still separates you of the glorious coming of my Son Jesus.

Therefore, My children: AHEAD! CONFIDENCE! Continue praying the Meditated Rosary that MY SON Marcos, makes FOR YOU, AND ALSO ALL THE PRAYERS THAT HERE I have given you, because through them, through you, every day, I RESCUE MANY SOULS of the clutches of Satan. And in the silence and hidden of the world, I GOES EVERY DAY, MORE AND MORE BUILDING THE GREAT WORK OF SALVATION OF ALL MY CHILDREN!

I bless all ye that use My Miraculous Medal, which divulgate it with so much love to all My children, which divulgate My Apparitions and Messages, that I did my daughter Catherine Laboure and especially I bless you Marcos, Apostle of My Miraculous Medal, Apostle of My Messages to My daughter Catherine Laboure.

Thou, who is already one of the most glorify My Apparition to My little child, Catherine and my Miraculous Medal.
I do bless you all, from Paris, from La Salette, and from Jacarei.

Stay in the Peace of the Lord..."

Jacareí, november, 15th 
Message of The Most Holy Mary
 Feast of the Revelation of the Holy Face of the Most Holy Mary
Message of The Most Holy Mary

"My Dear Children, today when you celebrate the Feast of MY MATERNAL FACE, the face that I have given to you, which I have revealed here in 1994, and is a special gift from My Heart to all of you, I invite you to lift up your gaze to My maternal gaze to leave yourselves, to comfort, soothe, pacify and love by MeMy gaze at this photo that I have given, of My Maternal Face to you is a special gift is a muff of my Immaculate Heart to comfort you in these difficult times in which you live, of the apostasy, of the rebellion of humanity against God, and a so great a violence, injustice and a lack of love, that now dominate the entire earth.The times are bad and that is precisely why, because My true little children, the children of My Immaculate Heart, faithful to My Messages, were suffering so much and would suffer a lot over the years, it was precisely of this, which I have given this My miracle Face that through the contemplation of My maternal gaze, maternal smile, My children could feel my love, feel my goodness, feel my peace, and get from My gaze all the love and all the consolation that need in the midst of so much suffering that they have to pass and bear, everyday, at this time of great apostasy...Turn back your gaze to My maternal gaze for, my children, so I can, in your hearts to heal all the wounds that Satan opened. All that blows that across the world in you, in your souls, he have struck. So that I can give you joy, peace of my Immaculate Heart, so that you do not lose heart in suffering, do not park in front of the difficulties, that you so often seem impossible to overcome and win. But for you my children, more can always go ahead, take the path that I have pointed out here, over the years and which I called you, the way of holiness, so do not stay stuck in your path of sanctification, but as did the Saints, may all the days grow ever more, ever more progress in spiritual perfection, and to help all souls to sanctify themselves also for the greater glory of God.

Turn back your gaze to my Maternal gaze, who at the photo of My Face, My maternal face revealed here, sends you all the peace of which I am full and fraught. So that I can pour in your souls a River Peace, and the river through you can run through the crowd, at this time, full of hate, full of violence and evil, and can thus, make the world, a cold desert, arid, cold and unloving God into the Holiness Garden, of Love to the Lord, faithfulness to His commandments, and peace where all hearts love God, serve God and are My true and obedient children.

If you My children help Me, if You replied to my call, if you answered yes to everything that I have asked in My Messages, you will reflect this beauty, this sweetness, the softness and grace that this miracle in My Face that I have given here so many years ago, I show you, I reveal to you. You will be a copy of My Holy Face, you will have a similar beauty, and everyone seeing My beauty reflected in you will also want to love the Lord, love to Me, in order to be beautiful as I am beautiful, to be beautiful, as you are beautiful!

In the world, there is nobody who does not want to be beautiful! When souls realize, seeing the reflection of the Beauty of my maternal Face in your souls, in you, they all will want to be beautiful as well as I, like you! And then we'll destroy the ugliness that the devil put in this world and introduced through sin, violence, addictions, and rebellion against God and His Law of Love which he dismissed all humanity lately. And this ugliness will finally be overcome by the beauty of Love! By the Beauty of My Immaculate Heart that made ​​Me so beautiful and so pleasing to God!
Continue praying the Rosary, praying all the prayers that I have given to you here. So that, My children, the world can be transformed from an ugly swamp of sin, unbelief and darkness, of rebellion to God, into the beautiful garden of love and faithfulness to the Holy Trinity.

Here in My Jacareí Apparitions, where I gave so many treasures, where I gave one of the greatest gifts of My Heart, that is I Myself photographed and revealed to you, who both favored to you My children, I ask today:
More love and correspondence to my Immaculate Heart!
Together, day after day, walk together the path of love, prayer and holiness that soon, the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will take place and my beauty, My maternal beauty will finally annihilate face the ugliness of the face of satan and sin, freeing everyone from their tyrannical slavery.

To all in this time, I do bless generously, from Kerizinon, from San Damiano, and from Jacarei...The Peace My children! The Peace to you Marcos! The most darting of My children! To whom I gave, as to few mortals, the grace of to possess My Immaculate and Holy Face..."

JACAREÍ, OCTOBER, 30th, 2011

"My dear children, pray, pray always more!

Through the prayer you will be able to achieve miracles in the world.

Pray much, much,  the ROSARY, because only it and the chaplets that I have taught in myApparitions, can achieve miracles for you in these times in which you live.

All that I promised to my son Dominic, when I’ve gave, when I’ve taught, I’ve told him the Holy Rosary

I promise unto you again today:

I will give the salvation to those who serve Me by My Rosary every day.

Will not be plagued by the poverty, spiritual or temporal, those ones my children, who are the most ardent in propagating the Rosary.

I'll be your comfort, your defense, your support and strength in every moment of life and all the other promises that I've gave to my son Dominic, to the devotees of the Rosary, I renew to you again My children, to you all today.

With theRosary you truly achieve the salvation, through the ROSARY you will reach a high degree of glory in heaven and an eminent holiness.

The Rosary will give you the strength to renounce the world, yourselves and your own will, and to obey faithfully the God’s Will.

The Rosary will make you more brothers of the Holy Angels, of  the Heaven’s Blesseds, and will narrow the bonds of Divine Love, that unite Them.

Through the Rosary, I promise to protect, care for, and save all my children.

One day, through the Rosary, through the MEDALS that I’ve revealed in My Coming here,and around the world, of My SCAPULAR, I will save the whole world!

Pray the Rosary! Pray and, Pray and pray!

DO NOT think of anything else, pray the Rosary, prays the chaplets that I have given in My coming here AND IN THE WORLD, SO WHAT, I CAN ALWAYS MORE TO POUR ON YOU THE ALMIGHTY’S GRACES, reduce the influence of Satan in your life and EVER MORE CAN ALWAYS GIVE YOU ALL THE POWER YOU NEED FOR THAT you can get that holiness, that God wants and expects from you.





A TRUE SON OF MINE, WHO LOVES ME THROUGH THE ROSARY, he shall never perish himself in the flames of hell.


To all this time I bless you with Love, from POMPEI, from Fátima and from Jacarei...

Stay in Peace My children, I leave to you My Peace "

JACAREÍ, JULY, 17th, 2011

"My children, My Loving Heart blesses you today, and gives to you once again, The Peace.
Grow more each day, in the true devotion to My Loving Heart, living each day more, in My presence, in My love, corresponding with all your hearts to My call and growing ever more, in the true trust and dependency of My Love, just as he did ISAAC with his father Abraham.
Isaac loved his father Abraham so much that he did not contest him, even when the father asked by his son where the sacrifice was to be offered to the Lord, and the father replied, 'The Lord will provide'.
Isaac trusted in his father, confided that his father knew exactly everything what he was doing and he would do, and when Isaac saw that the sacrifice would be himself, did not resist his father, pleaded no contest, no resistance to what the father should do. Trusted him, although this was against all his principles, against his own nature, against his understanding. Did trust on the Father and the Lord gave the award to Abraham and Isaac, blessing them and making them the patriarchs of the whole people of God.
If you also have in me a true trust, a true love, a true dependence, the true filial love, such as Isaac had for his father. If you trust that what I do for you, the work which I realize in you, through My Messages is Holy, and that I know where to lead you. And if you leave yourself drive, sweetly conduct through me even if it is to lead you, by sacrifice, among sacrifices and suffering, that you do not understand, that you do not realize. If you rely on Me, if you are led, you too will be rewarded with the blessing of the Almighty, with the blessing of the Lord, as Abraham, as Isaac were.
Behold, that I call you to the complete trust in My Love, which I call you to full trust, unconditional, in My Love. I want of you a trust identical to that Isaac had to his father. Only this way will I guide you and lead you down the road: of the Love, Goodness, Grace and Peace.
Today, I bless you, all you who hear My Message by the hoarse voice of my son Marcos, cooled, which resisted until now, so that I could send you My Message.
  See little children, that My Love does not tire of teaching you the true devotion to Me, what I expect of you and that you must have. From you to whom I teach so much, I hope more and more for the practice of the lessons of My Perfect Love
 Forward, My Ickle Firsties! Practice what I teach you! Because My Words end in great wisdom that is denied to the proud of heart, but that is revealed and taught to the pure, the humble, the simple-minded.
To all in this time, I bless with Love"

JACAREÍ, JULY, 03th, 2011

"- Beloved children of Mine, My Loving Heart bless you on my party today and give you again, the Grace of Peace.

My Loving Heart will triumph! And that's why every day I advance ever more, with my docile children, obedient and faithful towards to that Big Victory that will happen soon, of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, through My Heart in the whole world.

Our Plans, THE PLANS OF OUR SACRED HEARTS are perfectly unfolding, in all places on earth, despite the devil, despite the unwillingness of souls, the traitors of the infidel, the unwanted, the lazy, the faint, the hard of heart .

Our plans ever more advance, and those souls that are of the Truth, listen to Our messages, recognize Our voice and approach us, give themselves completely to Us and in the lives of these souls, we're making great holy works, works of Grace, transforming them into a beautiful and wonderful garden to offer to the Holy Trinity.

Our plans unfold perfectly in all places of Our Apparitions, despite the obstacles that the devil and the men of evil will put in Its way because Our hearts already have predicted all of this and had awareness about everything, and Our Hearts, therefore, will know triumph with glory and power over all the darkness forces's.

To you My children, I always ask more prayer, docility and obedience to Our Voice so that in you Our Grace do not find never an obstacle, a rival or wall, any barrier to the influx of Our Love to flow in you and through you to the whole world.

If you do not put resistance to Our Messages in your hearts, then our Grace will burst powerfully and all souls will be dragged by your good example of Holiness, Prayer, Love and Peace and they will want to follow you in the Path of Salvation, through which, We have called and We are guiding you over all these years...

My Loving Heart will triumph! And with It, with this Triumph, I will bring you all a New Time of Joy, Happiness and Peace.
You will see things that your eyes have never seen! Will contemplate wonders and beauty that your eyes never beheld, when Our Hearts may Triumph.

So My children, pray! Pray for that you may one day, get to see these wonders. For what you may enter into the Kingdom of Our Three Sacred Hearts, where WILL ONLY ENTER THOSE WHO LEARNED LOVE US PERFECTLY WITH ALL THEIR HEART, WITH ALL THEIR SOUL AND ALL THEIR STRENGTHS!

Pray for that you may be able to love us. Pray for that you may be suitable for the mission and at the same time, for that wonderful life to which We call you, and that will be the victorious life in God in the Triumph of Our Three Sacred Hearts that for all of you, We have prepared with love, day after day!

To all in this time, I do bless generously."

JACAREI, 7th MAY, 2011
(around 10:00 PM)

Marcos, my beloved child. I come today to give you a great Grace of My Heart. I come to give to My children a great Blessing and a great gift of My Love, to help them in their sorrows and difficulties and also to defend them from all evil. This gift is My MEDAL, THE MEDAL OF MY HEART, look well what I will show you now and save it in your heart.
(Seer Marcos Tadeu) I've seen arise in the chest of Saint Joseph His Loving Heart, burning with Love,like a sun shining with light, then arose around Saint Joseph the following words in golden letters and bright.

Under the cloud the rested the Saint Joseph feet appeared the today's date.

MAY 7TH 2011
Around the head of Saint Joseph also had many flushes, many light rays.
The Oval picture turned and I saw the reverse two lilies that rose on the both sides of the Medal to the top, underneath the words bright:


At the center was a cross, more or less in the middle of this cross was the Sacred Heart of Jesus crowned with thorns, lower down on the right the Immaculate Heart of Mary, sorrounded by thorns and most left the Loving Heart of Saint Joseph, sorrounded by flames of Love, and also with throns, but not around him, but nailed it, spiked it. Saint Joseph then told me:


Child, for many centuries I have kept this great Grace, this revelation of My Medal to the world, to give It and to reveal It to you in this time. This Grace no one received or will receive in the world besides you. This is due to the great Love that I have for you Marcos, the most ardent and dedicated of My sons, and also due the great Love that I have to this Place, which is so dear to My Heart and to the Lord. This Blessed and Elected Place by our Sacred United Hearts, is where We poured the riches of Our Love and where we express the greatest mercy of Our United Heart inseparably in Love, in Pain and in Glory. So, order to mint Medal, as the model you saw, so that everyone lead on the neck, and receive Great Graces of My Heart.. It will be a very powerful sign of my Love among my childrens and will attract on the the blessings of the Lord. Also says to My children that I promise them, that:


1. Those who wear My Medal with confidence, will be kept by Me at all his life moment's and specially in the dangers, will be always covered with My mantle. 

2. Will not be flagellate by the spiritual poverty, even by the temporal. 

3. Will not miss to them the aid and the necessary ways to a dignified life, in other words, will not miss to them the work and charitable help to have a dignified life. 

4. Will not be won by the temptations of the devil those one that use My Medal and pray My Holy Hour on sundays. I will dimish on them the influence of Satan, I will save their homes, goods, bodies and souls of any satanic domination. 

5. Will be blessed in their work and deeds 

6. Will be relieved and comforted by Me in their sickness and sufferings 

7. Many will be miraculously healed to the Greater Glory of God and Triumph of Our United Hearts. 

8. Will not know the eternal flames those one that uses My Medal with love 

9. Will not die in mortal sin, those who use My Medal and have a true devotion to My Heart 

10. Their families will be helped by Me in their needs and will be covered by My Mantle. 

11. The young people who wear My Medal with love following my examples and virtues will not fall on into sin, and if have fallen will be back, to the virtue's path. 
The young people pure and chaste will keep themselves pure, and will receive from Me all ways, the Strenght and Grace to persevere until the end, in the path of Chastity and Holiness. 

12. This Medal will make arouse in many souls the Holy desire to consecrate themselves to Me, and to devote themselves to a life of prayer, contemplation and dedication to God through My Heart. 

13. Will decresase on the souls that wear My Medal until make disappears altogether the inordinate love of themselves, the world and the creatures, and will make grow ever more in them the Divine and Heavenly Love, and the taste to the things of God and the love of virtues. 

14. Will be enlightened about the Redemption's Mysteries and about how much My sufferings united with those of Jesus and Mary collaborated on the work of the human redemption. Will be informed about My Virtues, Merits and gifts that I received from the Holy Trinity, and the immense Love that It had and has to Me. 

15. Will be heard by Me in all their prayers, and everything that they ask Me I will grant them (of course, unless it is contrary the God's will) 

16. Those dying, will comforted by Me in the last moments of their life on earth, will 
not be tormented by demons in their agony, and will receive My visit and will have My paternal embrace, softly expiring in My arms. 

17. The parents will receive continued assistance in his difficulties, and will have the necessary lights to educate well their children in the Holy Love of God. 

18. Slowly will return the Peace to the families and towns where My Medal is known, loved and propagated. Peace and Harmony will reign where I is loved and and revered through It. Wars will be held, removed or will have their duration diminished, the violence will disappear. 

19. The stony hearts in sin will be touched by Grace and will return to the bosom of the Holy Catholic faith, and will walk on the sanctity's path. 

20. Those who wear My Medal will receive the Grace of to be taken by Me directly to Heaven after the death and will be put close to My throne in Heaven where will know My mysteries and secrets and will joy an indescribable happiness on My side forever. 

(This Medal will soon be minted by the seer Marcos Tadeu and will be available to everyone that love the Loving Heart of Saint Joseph) 

(MARCOS): And finally Saint Joseph said that through this Medal, the true devotion to Him, and to His Heart will quickly spread all over the world, so through this Medal It will be placed at an honor site from where It was taken along the centuries, until almost to be forgotten by the christian people, by the catholic people. Saint Joseph will shine with a glory with which He never shone before, thanks to this Medal. 
Saint Joseph also said that this Medal was revealed Here in this Place, due the immense Love that He has for this Place, which is more dear and darling to His Heart than all the world, and that this Medal will rush and much, the triumph of His Heart, of Our Lady, the triumph of God in the souls, families and nations. And therefore, I had a mission of to order the minting of this Medal as soon as possible, and make It accessible to all souls, all His children as fast as I can.


JUNE, 26th, 2011

"My dear children, today, you contemplate and celebrate the 30th anniversary of My Apparitions in Medjugorje. You are still celebrating the great feast of yesterday, the feast of the entire Heaven, feast of the My Immaculate Heart's children, of all souls of good will who are still on this earth. Feast of all those who have answered YES to Me and walk with Me down the road of love, goodness, grace and peace. 

The thirty years of the Apparitions, of My Apparitions in Medjugorje, are the largest proof of the Love of My Immaculate Heart for you My children whom I love so much and desire to save so much and drive to Heaven. 

The thirty years of My Apparitions in Medjugorje, are the largest proof of how much I have been entirely donated Myself to rescue all My children from the path of death, and sin, from the eternal death and sin. To call them and bring them back to the House of the Father by conversion's path, of prayer, of love, of grace, of purity, of penance and peace. 

In these thirty years of My Apparitions in Medjugorje, I did not let a single day of calling you every day to conversion, to show you every day how much I love you and I wish to lead each one of you through the path of peace, of happiness on this earth then after, with Me in Paradise. 

The thirty years of My Apparitions in Medjugorje, are the urgent call, the latest warning that God sends to the world for their conversion through Me.
AFTER THE END of Medjugorje's Apparitions, I'LL NEVER COME BACK TO THIS WORLD! SO MY CHILDREN, THIS TIME THAT I'M HERE appearing at Medjugorje and in Jacareí, IS A TIME OF GRACE, unique, singular, unrepeatable THAT WILL NEVER AGAIN BE GIVEN TO MANKIND.
Take advantage of it, so that you truly can convert yourself sincerely and you may advance on the path of love, grace, conversion, holiness and peace. Otherwise My children, on the day of the Warning and the Chastisement, great will be your despair for having seen that you threw out this precious time when I AM with you, and badly took advantage of all Graces that I've given to you during My Apparitions. 

The thirty years of My Apparitions in Medjugorje are the ardent sign of what My Immaculate Heart has done for all of humanity, for my children, for the Catholics, for the Christians of the elected race of My Divine Son Jesus Christ and how much My Heart has not ceased day after day, to give numerous opportunities for regeneration and conversion to all my children. So little children, this time is a time of great Grace for all of you, it is also a time of great responsibility for all of you, and it will be charged, day per day and grace per grace, that you did not take well to put my Messages into practice in your lives and you truly become holy. 

Think how much My Immaculate Heart throughout these thirty years has struggled and fought to save each one of you and for My Messages to reach each and every one of you.. And see My children, if someone could love you more than I do, and if anyone could do more for you than I did ... 

I call you therefore My children, to correspond to the Love of My Immaculate Heart and you do not take longer parked in your indifference, in your indecision, in your sin, yet remaining attached to the things of this world, of the earth ... Attached to your disorderly will, but I call you to give yourselves unreservedly and unconditionally to Me so that I may carry in you the great plan of the Lord and my Immaculate Heart that encompasses Medjugorje, Jacareí, and My Apparitions scattered throughout the earth, and each one of you also, My dear little children. 

Today finally, I invite you to imitate the patience of my dear little children, My seers of Medjugorje, My Medjugorian people that since thirty years ago, are faithful to Me, and the perseverance and faithfulness of My little child Marcos, who since twenty years ago remains, undaunted , zealous, ardent in My school of holiness and love, for that so, little children, also in you My plan is carried out without hindrance or delay whatsoever and I can make burst in you, and through you powerfully, the Flame of My Love with Its efficacious graces of conversion and salvation for the whole world. 

Today, on the 30th anniversary of My Apparitions at Medjugorje that you are still celebrating, I do bless you all with love ... from Fatima, from Medjugorje ... and from Jacareí. 

Peace My children, Peace Marcos, the most darting and dedicated of My children ... " 




"My children, today when you are commemorating the birthday of my first Apparition in Lourdes to my little child Bernadette, I invite you all to raise your gaze to Me, your Immaculate Mother that in the elected Massabiele grotto's confirmed the Dogma of My Immaculate Conception, and called the entire world to penance, that generate the perfect love to Lord. 


Told I, to my little daughter Bernadette because Preserved of all sin's stains to be the worthy Mother of God , perfect address without any stain of sin that could live in Me, and receive from Me the human nature, and thus, accomplish the great work of the salvation mankind. 


Because I was truly destined to be the new garden of the Holy Trinity, the new Eve, the new creation of God, His second Eden, His second Heaven, where he could truly rest and entertain Himself in sweet loving talks with His creature, and finally delight Himself on it. 


Because I was predestined and prophesied as that one, that should crush the serpent's head, until definitely defeated. And so, I could not to be under the yoke of ordinary mortals slavery to sin and to this damn serpent, but yes to be free of all guilt and satanic bondage so that I could with My Power, free my children from the tyrannical slavery of the sin and of the devil. 
And so powerfully and effectively cooperate in the Work of Redemption of My Divine Son Jesus Christ.
That's why I have revealed and confirmed My Dogma of the Immaculate Conception, and at the Grotto of Massabiele, so that you truly believe in my power and truly you all entrust to Me without reservation, so that increasingly I liberate you from the sin's bondage and of Satan, and make you come to the Lord by a perfect penance. 


I repeatedly told my little child Bernadette, to lead you to a perfect resignation of yourselves, of the world and of the glories of this false and illusory world. And so even more, you can live a true life in God, for God and with God. 


For that truly you could empty of yourselves until dies in you, all inordinate love of yourselves, and could then live in you the true God's Love, which only pours itself out into the purified souls, by the penance that I asked at the Lourdes Grotto's. 
Only the penance generates the perfect mortification and the soul's purity that reach for you the perfect Love of God, and that He always lives in you and remains in you forever. 

I keep staying Here at My Jacareí Apparitions, which are the continuation and the completion of Lourdes, to lead you to this perfect penance that will generate in you the spiritual purity, necessary to achieve the perfect union and the perfect Love for the Lord. And with Me is My little child Bernadette, who was at everything a perfect copy of My Purity and of My Most Perfect Love of the Lord, so that she helps you and takes you to the perfect love of the Lord. 

If you be like she was, you'll be pure water's source as was My Miracle Source that I did sprout at My Massabiele Grotto's by Bernadette's hands. Thus as well as through her, through the Source and through Bernadette I made the largest Wonders of Graces, so too through you I will make the largest conversion of the hearts for the greater Glory of the Lord and the Triumph of His Grace in the world. 

To everyone today, I do bless with Love from La Salette, from Lourdes and from Jacareí. 

Peace beloved Marcos and son of Mine. Peace My Children."

Jacareí, December, 26, 2010
Message of Our Lady

“My beloved children! Today I bring again with Me in My arms, my Divine Son Jesus, The King of Peace, so he may bless you with His Peace, fill yourself with it until it overflows, until your hearts and souls are overflowing with his Divine Peace! 
Only the way of God is Peace. Only life with God is Peace. Only the soul that is with God is in Peace.

When the soul walks by the perfect compliment's path of God's will, can it say that it is in peace, can it say that it lives in Peace. 

Although it passes through many tribulations and setbacks, nothing holds it, nothing gets it tired, nothing drops it, nothing prevents its step, because its inner strength is invincible, is the force that springs from the certainty of the fulfillment, of the
God's will, and to be living the true life in God. 

The soul's force that is in God, the strength of the soul that lives by the way which God has called it, is invincible! 
Even the tough seas rebel, even the tough waves howl against the ship of his faith, his soul and his heart, will not can make the boat sink, because who leads it, is the same who was with the apostles on the sea of Galilee, and forth from the storms and winds, and didn't let the apostles’ boat sink, although he seemed to sleep. And in due time, got up and commanded the winds and the sea to calm down, be quiet, and there was Peace. 

So too will be the life of all those who faithfully fulfill the Lord's will, although sailing the stormy and billowing seas of this life, in
due time God will give His Eternal Peace. That Peace which St. Paul had spoken of , which passeth all understanding, all comprehension,
that the world hasn't, that the world cannot own, cannot buy, and cannot lose, because this Peace is only God and only the
real life in God.

So I came here, as Queen and Messenger of Peace, to offer you this Peace and to give you this Peace. To teach you that this Peace, the real Peace can only be found in God, living a true life in Him, and in perfect fulfillment of His Will, even if it isn't
your will. 

Only in God can Peace be found and you can only find God when you deny yourself, embrace Jesus' Cross and follow his steps wherever He goes every day of your life wherever He goes, and for wherever He leads the soul. 

Only in God is this Peace, and God is only found when man denies himself. So then God, God reveals Himself to the souls and
He gives all His love, and it is so full of Peace, by the Truth that it knows, by the well which enjoys, and the joy that it has proof that true Peace belongs and is able to change the world. Even all seas and oceans of the earth are nothing compared with the
grandeur, with the extend and depth of this true Peace!

I came to teach you that the one true Peace, you only find in your life, when your life is a true life in God, and when your path is the
God's path.
To all in this time, with the King of Peace, with my spouse Joseph, generously do we bless you, and ask you to continue to pray all the prayers that I have given here, and do not lose heart! 


Despite the people, despite the world, despite its conventions and covenants, MY IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUNPH!
And the world will know an era of Peace, because the world will know God, and then find the true Peace.
To all I do bless, from Nazareth, from Bethlehem, and from Jacareí.
Go in Peace of the Lord.”

Apparitions’ Shrine of Jacarei, October, 30, 2010.
Message of Saint Joseph
“Beloved children, my Loving Heart blesses you again today, and gives you Peace.
 I love you so much, so much! That I would like to hold you all, inside my Loving Heart, for therein, my sons even drown you, in my infinite love's ocean for you.
I love you so much! I love you more than your parents have loved you, or can love you. I love you with a love, larger than the all parents in the world have together for their sons..
I keep you all in my Loving Heart . My gaze is always placed on you. Trust in My Love! Trust in My Grace, and in My Protection, because I will never, never leave you alone. I am always with you!
My gaze pursues you along the day, wherever you go, whatever you do.
My gaze follows you, my gaze probes your heart, knows your sorrows, knows your anguish, knows your troubles, and knows your fears and ambitions, and my Heart takes providence about everything.
Provides before God, all necessary graces for you, so that you can live in peace, and walk forever more and grow up in God's perfect Love, in his perfect fulfillment of His commandments and so that you can win with love and faith, all difficulties and battles in this life.
I am always with you! No tear falls from your eyes that I do not see, without me being aware, without me knowing.
Then my sons, give me all your cares, all your difficult. Pray very much to my Loving Heart! Contemplate it! Because to contemplate my Loving Heart is the same as to contemplate my
Own Love for you. Contemplate it, and you will verify that you do have a shelter, you will verify that you do have a home, and you will verify that you can live at the atrium, of my Loving Heart, and therefore, you can lives in peace.

I love you so much! I've offered you My Love so many times My Love, but to many people, have rejected it! I already do not know what else to do to show you My Love, and to make you believe that
My Love for you is True, is Big and Pure, is Faithful, and wishes nothing else from you but perfect correspondence , in other words, to be loved by you all!
Come my children! Give me your hearts, and I will completely take you, and I will place you inside of My Loving Heart, where we'll live together, where we'll stay together, at the same thrill, at the same rhythm of  love for the Lord, for His Love's Law, for His Word.
And then, with our beating hearts, at the same rhythm, we'll glorify the Holy Trinity, with the perfect Love Hymns.
Pray, pray very much! Prayer my sons is always your salvation, and the world's salvation. There is nothing most important, there is nothing most precious and powerful, on this earth, than prayer. Because prayer, done with heart, is Love, and the Love ascends to Heaven, and makes that The Supreme Love, makes rain on the earth, the Mercy, Peace, Grace, and Salvation's Grace!
Do pray! Do pray! I will pray with you! Pray with me, and your prayer will contain all power. I bless you all, at this very moment.”


"-Dear children! ... Today, completes one more month of Our Apparitions here, My SACRED HEART bless and says you: 

THE LOVE wants to be loved by you ... THE LOVE, in other words, Me, wants to be loved by all of you, with all the strength of your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

Without love you cannot please me ... 

Without love you cannot know Me ... 

Without love you cannot serve Me ... 

Without love you cannot know my Face ... 

Without love you cannot worship Me, or glorify Me ... 

Without love you cannot save yourself ... 

Without love you cannot choose Me ... 

Without love you cannot find The true Peace ..

The true meaning of human life is love, and love Me. 

The soul that truly loves Me has true peace and true happiness. It hates evil and sin which is contrary to my will. And because it Loves Me, embraces Virtue, Good, sacrifice, even suffering if it were necessary to please Me, glorify Me and content Me ... 

The soul which meets the love and has the love, has everything ... 

I bless everyone on this time, abundantly ... " 

19th February, 2009 Message of Saint Joseph

"My children, these times that you are living in are mine, That's why I am appearing here in a new and extraordinary form, which you have never seen in the history of the humanity.

I come to call you to the true love to the Lord, which is pleasant to Him when it is without reservation in your hearts. 

Through the true devotion to Me, I will teach you this love without reservation.

Love-Me and I Will love you. 

Prefer-Me and I will prefer you. 

Give yourself to Me without reserves and I will give myself totally to you. 

Thus it will be love for love. Peace.” 

28th November, 2008 Message of Our Lady 

“ – My Loved children, I am the Mother of the Second Advent! 
Live with Me during this time of preparation to the Glorious Return of Jesus, living in prayer... in penance... in holiness so when the Lord came back , He could find Love on Earth!
I am with you and I come here to educate you on holiness... Therefore, it is necessary that your hearts follow Me without hesitating or looking back.

So Now My dear children, do renounce that which I have asked you so many times.
So your hearts free of the weight from your attachments, of unnecessary preoccupations and illusions from this world you can finally heighten to the more sublime and high. So that you will try the treasures of God’s Grace.
I want each one of you holy! It is my plane which God traced for you!

On Saints which I want to produce here, I will give to the world the great proof of the veracity of Apparitions! 
So, pray, contemplate, do good, fight against your defects and look to attain the perfection and the perfect imitation of my Immaculate Heart. 
I bless each one of you with love....” 

06th February, 2008 Message of Saint Joseph 

“- Dear Children... I will come back tomorrow with the Most Holy Mary and Saint Marine to talk and bless you…

Pray… these days are days of great graces given by the Omnipotent to you…

With prayer you can receive great treasures of God’s Kindness… 

with prayer you will leave here richer from Heaven's blessings. 

You have to pray to truly go out from here transformed and with your feelings and your will converted to God.

Pray… My Heart is intent on your prayers and it will help you to get the true conversion.” 

05th February, 2008 Message of Saint Joseph 

“- Dear children… The Holy Rosary is the SECRET OF PEACE.

When everybody prays it, Peace will be complete My Most Amiable Heart blesses you one more time.” 

24th January, 2008 Message of the Letaniel Angel 

“- Peace be to you Marcos. Peace to all of you!

I, LETANIEL, desire your peace… Peace! … Peace! … Peace! …
Nothing disturbs your peace… Continue with all the prayers that have been given to you here, over all the Meditated Rosary. These prayers change the God’s plain in your favor, they cancel the punishments and they attract many blessings and the Peace. Pray… 

Be in Peace of the Lord.…” 

August 2nd, 1998 Message of Our Lady 

'-I have come here not just to speak, but I have come here to educate, to form…, to make grow up who are Mine in holiness… 
If I had come here just for transmitting Messages, I would have made one, two or ten Apparitions in the first year, and I would have gone back to Heaven again … But, if I remain so many years here, My children, it is because I want to lead you on the way to holiness …
Haven’t you understood it yet? Take place in your hearts and in your minds that I came here to become you holy! This is the reason for which I am “arrested” in you during all these years…” 

August 28th, 2007 Message of Saint Joseph 

"-My Son, spread The Holy Rosary still more. If everybody prays and spreads the Meditated Holy Rosary which you make, and if they just do that, It's enough for the world to change and be safe... Peace..." 

Jacareí, August, 12, 2007 - Message of Our Lady 

“-Dear children, My Immaculate Heart blesses you again and it repeats My song of Love... 

Pray! … Pray! … Pray! … Renounce! … Renounce! … 

Renounce everything that arrests you and takes your hearts away from GOD Our Lord and far from My Love… 

Be holy! Walk in grace! Walk in holiness! Walk in love! In goodness! In virtue! 

In pureness! Walk in obedience to God’s will! 

In obedience to My Messages! So then The Most Holy Trinity reflects himself in you as in

a limpid mirror… As well as a sunbeam reflects itself very brilliantly in a mirror … and it reflects 

Itself in the objects, you should be like this … 

Be mirrors too pure and very clear where GOD projects His light, so that it is reflected in everything around you… 

So that all darkness, all shade of bad and sin, will be wasted… and then the good, the light of the 

God’s Love will triumph in this world! 

Continue to pray all the prayers that I gave to you here, and to dry My Tears with those! … 

Through these prayers I will form great saints of the final times! … 

Through these prayers, I will feed My children, as the pigeon makes with its little pigeon… 

I will give them the food which comes from Heaven… 

I will feed them with “honey’s fruits” and them with the force of this food they will grow, 

They will become strong and unflinching in their faith and fidelity to GOD, to My Heart! … 

Through the Holy Rosary I will save the world. 

It is because of these meditated Rosaries that My son Marcos makes and he gives for you, 

that the world still survives! 

Or else a great chastisement would have already brought end to the human race throughout these years… 

Pray them! Divulge them! Spread them for the whole world, so that all will regret, all will convert and all will return themselves to the Lord as soon as possible! … 

I am the Mother of the Beautiful Love; the Beautiful Love is My Son JESUS in person! … 

I want that the Beautiful Love to come live in you and to inhabit you! 

If you will be docile to Me, if you do exactly what I command, My Son and I will come to you! … 

The Beautiful Love and his Mother will inhabit and live in you… 

We are going to join with you and then we will be only one in the Love… 

Then all of you will be very beautiful toward GOD, because the Beautiful Love and the Mother of Beautiful Love will live in you, We will reign in 

you and then the Eternal FATHER is going to be satisfied to finally see his pleasure fulfilled in you, or either; which the Beautiful Love and the Mother of the Beautiful Love reign without rival or 

competitor in you and then The Father will be satisfied and He will be glad for his plan has had good success… 

Obey what I command you My children and you will be happy! 

Who goes by Me, will never sin! 

Who leaves to lead and to guide by Me, love the 

Eternal Life and It’ll come certainly! … 

Who does not love Me, who annoys Me, who does not want Me, loves eternal death and it certainly will reap them… 

Therefore children… come for Me! … Come With me! … Come in Me for the road of the holiness 

to the meeting with Lord, who’ll return you soon… 

With Love, for Love and in Love… 

To all I give My Peace, My Blessing… Peace be to you, Marcos My dear angel...Peace!” 

Jacareí, July, 21, 2007 - Message of Our Lady: 

“- Dear children, Great is God's love that chose you and for great things this love chose you and for great things this love chooses you. Don't be negligent! Don't be cowardly, my children! 

Combat the good combat of daily conversion with courage and determination. 

Don't be satisfied just in prayer. You have to be holy!!! 

You must allow and make all virtues to grow in you of you want to enter the kingdom of Heaven. 

Combat the good combat, fighting against your defects, fighting against your deficiencies... Seeking to be better... Trying to overcome your rotten nature... Trying to bend your free will to God's will, so that the Almighty's will happen and become true within you.” 

Jacareí, March, 29, 2006 - Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ:

“Joseph is My living Mercy to this earth's sinners.

Whoever looks to Saint Joseph with love, will be saved.

The Heart of Joseph is Heaven's gate, and whom enter by it will reach Me.

I did not embody myself, only to redeem the world of the sin, but for to be the Son of Joseph, My Beloved Servant.

He possessed so many virtues, and at a so eminent degree, that greatly attracted Me to Him, and I became His Son.
(Jesus beautifully smiled, when He said it)

Oh! How I'm pleased into give everything to souls through Joseph, My Dear Father.

My Eternal Father is well pleased that the souls receive everything from My Hands by Joseph, united with My Mother.

Marcos, big is the Love that My Father Joseph has for you, of which, I asked you to get everything from Him, if it is of My Will.

Whatever you ask Him to destroy, He will destroy, whatever you ask Him to Bless, He will, therefore My angel, go to Him at every instant for to ask Him His protection and His support.

In Joseph are all my Mercy's treasuries, by Joseph, My Sacred Heart will finally reign on earth.”

(The Lord had a Majestic Countenance that day, getting even to smile when He said those wonders of Saint Joseph. Jesus was dressed of white.)

JANUARY, 27th, 1994- Nineteenth Message

"My children, today I come to talk to you about the obedience to Me...Did you saw, My dear children, on the Messages that I've gave you during this month, how much I love you, and how much I want to help you on the sanctity path's.
I invite you to an unlimited obedience to Me, thus obeying God, to Whom I am obedient, you will be obeying to Myself.
My children, the obedience leads to the Holiness!...The obedience of you to Me, will bring you to the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart, which its about to come upon the world.
The Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will be the "Great Wonder" that My Lord will grant to the earth! The Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will be the cure for many deseases that are now incurable, deadly and scourged for the men...In the My Triumph, they will no longer exist, because only there will be faithful sons to the Lord...there will no more "Divine trials" for the men...everybody will be full of Grace!...
In the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart, the sins will be extinguished, along with its author, and will arrive finally, "The Age of Grace", crushing the "new era" of lucifer, who now wants to destroy Our Holy Church!...The Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will be lining of an extreme Sanctity Church's!...
Saints and more Saints!...Martyrs and more Martyrs!...Will lift under the very Powerful influx of the Holy Ghost, that I will breathe into them, and they will give his own life to the Church, under My sweet and maternal gaze.
The Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will be the worldwide Pentecost, with the mankind prepared by Me for the Jesus Coming's...This time will be between My Triumph and His Final Coming...I don't know the date, but I know that it is close!
Will be the Reward for those who pray with Me now, suffer with Me, with Me repair, and offer themselves with Me! I invite you all to kneel with Me, on "those times", for so that we achive the Victory of Jesus and of Mine!...Pray the Rosary very much for this intention!
In do bless you, in the Name of the Father...of the Son...and of the Holy Ghost..."



"My children, now, I want to talk about the Angels of the Lord...The Angels of the Lord are the messengers of Love...The messengers of Grace...Therefore, the Lord is the God of the heavenly host...
God is so infinitely Good, which created a Guardian Angel for every one of you...He created all the Heavenly Host, for to be "carriers", between Him and you.
Am the Queen of creation, therefore, I am above of all creatures including the Angels and just under Immaculate part of the creation!...(pause)...God gave Me the army of the Heavenly Host, to defeat the forces of evil, and lead the mankind to the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart...
My Angels have the task of to defeat satan and his angels, plunge them into hell, and return back to God the "ground" that they conquered...
My Angels have the duty of to cure you of the horrific battles that you waging the enemy day by day, on the temptations; to comfort you in trials, so hard today, to assist you in difficulties and doubts that in you arises, specially about the Eucharist and on My Person, because satan wants to make you no longer accept Jesus in Eucharist, denying Him...and get Me out of your lives...
My Angels have the task of to help you live all the gifts that St. Paul speaks in his Epistle to the corinthians, (Chapter 12, 12-14), the prophecy, the gift of tongues, discernment, healing, repouse...and specially the gift of Love, of the Charity, as root of all the gifts of the Holy Ghost, and as the greatest of them all...
My Angels have the task of keeping you very deeply in My Heart...They Love you and want you well...Proof of that, is the Zathanye Angel, who comes with Me to give you Messages...Listen Him too, when He deliver you Messages from the Lord...
My Angels have the task of preparing and bringing the mankind to the Great Miracle of the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart!...
My Angels have the task of keeping you very deeply in My Heart, They loves you, and want you well...Proof of this, is the protection of the Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, which I make to be ever more present in your lives...
So, have devotion to the Angels. Pray with Them, offer Masses, novenas, Rosaries of St. Michael and St. Raphael, so that they also make themselves present in the world and can act...
I am the Queen of The Angels, that loves you so much, with the Angels of God!..."

Note - Marcos: (The Angel Zathanye is my guardian angel, and his name means "Sun of Justice", as revealed Himself to me in one of His Apparitions, that occured by the Divine Will.
God decided that He offen bring some of His public Messages, destined to all mankind, as they are narreted in this book. Several times however, He was sent by God to prepare me for some special Apparition, to help me in trouble, and for to give me comfort and guidance of the party of God, and even Our Lady.
The content of these private Apparitions are not contained in the book. Will be published later, after the Triumph of Our Lady, if She and God wants to. This Message was given at 10:40 PM)



"My children, today I come to speak about The Holy Ghost...My children, the Holy Ghost is the essence of the Holyness!...
When HE was poured into Me, at the Annunciation, was shed so fully that made possible the Incarnation of the Word of God, My Divine Son, Jesus Christ...
Was the Holy Ghost that acted, hovering over the water surface, at the time of creation...(Genesis, 1-2), It was HE who acted in the Prophets of the Old Testament, these brave men, fair and Saints...
Was the Holy Ghost that made My cousin, Elizabeth, proclaim the praises of God, (Luke 1, 42-45), that made Me sing My Magnificat, (Luke 1, 46-55), who acted in Simeon, in Anna, (Luke 2, 29-38) John, the Baptist, (Luke 3, 3), and in the Apostles, that in the Day of Pentecost, together with Me, were coated in the Upper Room, with the Power of the Almighty...
We saw Him with our eyes: - He penetrated in our lives, (Acts, 2), was the Holy Ghost who guided the Apostles at the early Church...Was the Holy Ghost which acted with Jesus throughout His public Life!...(Luke, 3: 21-22)
Is the Holy Ghost "that blows" in all Places where I'm coming "really" and giving My Messages...
Is the Holy Ghost who sends Me in Jacareí deliver you...My Messages...
Is the Holy Ghost that moves and touches My children to meet Me!...
Is the Holy Ghost that will make the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart happen...and will descend with all His force in a worldwide Pentecost...
Is the Holy Ghost that opens and close the doors of the second advent of Christ's Kingdom!...
Is the Holy Ghost, that together with Me, will precipitate into hell, satan and the evil angels and will seal forever the entrance of the hell, for that never they leave...
So today, I call you to pray with Me to the Holy Ghost...ask HIM through ME...that will come to you more fully of God and His Gifts, because He will not deny anything to His Heavenly Spouse!...
The roses that I bring into My Feets, (the Image of the Queen and Messenger of Peace), are the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost, that will be given to you...increasingly you will be impregnated with the Divine Essence...which is the Holy Ghost...
I am the Spouse of the Holy Ghost!...That's why I asked that was done the Image with these roses at My indicate to you that I want to give to you the Gifts of the Holy Ghost
Pray the Rosary to ask Him...I will ask Him with you also...Ask the Holy Ghost and walk sprinkling the Light of God in all ways, in all!...where you pass...
The Holy Ghost and Me will make appear "Sanctity braird" everywhere...if you receive My Messages and pray along with Me...(pause)...Pray the Rosary, because I want pray It with you!...
I bless you in the name of the Father...of the Son...and of the Holy Ghost..."

January, 10th, 1994 - Eighth Message

"My children, I am the last times Heavenly Prophiesied!...I'm sent by God to deliver to you the latest Messages to the mankind.
In these time where the "black beast", the freemasory, the "new era", scatters the darkness of the lack of faith along the way, I've been sent by God to lead you to Him as soon as possible.
These are the last Apparitions for the mankind...My numerous manifestations today make themselves present to you all. I cried, cried, and asked! And you didn't answered Me...What can I do?...Everything I'm doing for the world's conversion!!...(pause)...this is a complaint...(pause)
My numerous Apparitions cannot convert at least "a third" of the mankind...Why such a lack of love My children?
The Rosary is the "Great Weapon" that I give to you...My army follow guided by Me fighting the "strenght" of satan and his minions. Soon My Immaculate Heart will triumph, and the Peace will come to the world.
I, the heavenly prophesied of the last times, come back again for to make to you My repeated invitation to conversion - Belive in My manifestations!...Welcome My urgent invitation to conversion! I want not lose you, so turn to God through Me...
I do bless you, in the name of the Father...of the Son...and of the Holy Ghost..."


"My children, today in this third so serious Message of My Heart, I come "Distressed", for to ask you for to pray for the Church...
Pray much for the Pope!...To the bishops and priests, as I see: In the future the faith of the Church suffers a great concussion...Pray My children, as many may lose the faith, if they do not get to fight with the prayer and the fasting, the temptations and the "strenght" of My enemy...
As I already said, if the people do not convert and turn back to God, an horrible castigation will soon strike the earth...There is no doubt that it will be worse than the Flood, and the castigation of Sodom and Gomorrah...
Pray the Rosary a lot, My children!...Only the Rosary and the Eucharist can save you now...Pray the Rosary every day!...Who put complete trust in Me, will be saved..."


"My children, for a long time already, I've being telling you about the consequences of your sins, currently so serious and horrific.
Satan is proclaming victory in the world, because he see that are few those that face it, through prayer. My children, that's why this Message so important its about the Holy Rosary.
Pray the Holy Rosary My dear children, every day. Since Lourdes I've remembered you about that My urgent and desperate appeal...after the Holy Mass that is the greatest prayer, that makes Me more closer of you...the Rosary have so much power! And that's why it is the second way that more unites you to Me.
The Rosary have so much power, My children, that when you pray it, satan is so powerless that is forced to return to hell, such is the power of Heaven that crush its evil. The devil does not support the perfume which spreads the prayer of the Rosary...and the Light that it scatters dims it, because satan is the prince of all darkness...
Children, now that you recognize how much I LOVE the Rosary, the Power and the Strenght of the Holy Rosary, put it in your hearts!...Pray the Rosary everyday...There is no Grace, no matter how impossible it seems that it is not gotten with the prayer of the Rosary prayed with LOVE.