July 30, 2013


(Our Lady and Saint Faustina also appeared but they did not give a public Message), 

Excerpt of the Cenacle


“My beloved children, today, on the Feast of My Mercy, I greet ye and bless ye again. Peace. Peace. Peace to your hearts! Nothing disturb your peace. ‘Non avete paura.’ Do not be afraid, because I Am with you every day, until the consummation of the ages, until the end of the world. Do not be afraid because I Am by your side; I know your sufferings, I know well everything you need even before your mouth opens. My Sacred Heart already knows what goes into your hearts and promptly gives all the blessings and graces, all the providence you need.

Come to Me now that it is time of Mercy and while I allow Myself to be found by ye, so that then, I can truly purify ye, convert ye and make ye pleasing to Me, because I tell ye: When the Time of My Mercy ends and starts the Time of My Justice, those who will not have the white dress, clear, pure, of holiness, of innocence, of purity, of the Virtues that I love will not enter into My Kingdom.
Come to Me while it is time of Mercy and while I maintain the door of Mercy open. I said to My most favorite little daughter Faustina Kowalska, that before the Time of Justice would come, I would send the Day of Mercy. Yes, I sent the Day of Mercy to the whole world, when I gave to My little daughter Faustina the Chaplet of Mercy, which disarms My Justice inflamed and angry against men. I gave this Day of Mercy to the world when I asked that was made the image, the image according to the way that I appeared to My little daughter Faustina, when I asked the institution of the Feast of Mercy, of the Novena of Mercy. 

Yes, when I gave all this to the world, I gave the Day of Mercy, humanity trampled My offer, mankind bit the hand that stroked it, humanity stabbed the heart that so often thought of her with love, they rejected My Mercy, they rejected My forgiveness, they rejected My love softened by their own selves and this is why soon will come the day of My Wrath, the day of My Justice. Woe to those who were deaf to My Voice and the Voice of My Most Holy Mother Here in this Place and in all locations of Our Apparitions: they will be like firewood burning in the fire that will never goes out. If you do not want to be of the number of these unfortunates, come to Me while it is time of Mercy. Now I let Myself be found by ye all, by this wicked and perverse generation Here in the site of Our Apparitions and there is no heart, no matter how sinful it is, that stays out of the rays of My Mercy if it invokes Me with trust and with sincere desire for amendment of life, for conversion and to returning to Me. If you open just a crack of your heart, My rays will enter in it, will completely change your life and will transform it in exactly that which I desire: a perfect reflection of the Paradise where I will dwell in ye, will rest in your soul, will unite Myself with you and in ye I will live in a single flame for all eternity.

This impious generation insults me, rebels against me, the world is covered in thick darkness, darkness of apostasy, of evil, of sin, of violence and of true hatred against Me and against everything that represents Me. Not even My Church, that should be a bright sun, gives My light anymore. She was invaded by Satan’s darkness; Satan’s smoke has penetrated its interior, darkened its light deformed his beauty, stole the richness of grace that is in it and that’s why now the pastors who poisoned the sheep from the errors that they taught for so many years will be called to My presence and will be accountable for all sheep they killed with the poison of the errors that come out of their mouth.

Come to Me, return to Me, ye My poor little sheep so threatened and beset by so many evils and dangers in this treacherous time in which you live. Come to Me that the door of the cote of My Sacred Heart is open, come to Me that I will receive all of ye in My sheepfold and will not cast ye out. Even if ye are ill, enfeadas and even lacerated by the wounds that sin has made in ye, it does not matter. Come to Me, because Here in the fold of My Sacred Heart, I have the salutary remedy to cure each of ye and to give ye new strength, life, the vigor that you need in order to be happy.

Come to Me, because I have the holy pasture that you need and so then you depart from your weakness and lethargy. Come to Me, that I have within My heart all the treasures and all the goods that you need in order to be truly wealthy of My grace, of My love, of holiness and of My peace.

Return to Me while it is time of Mercy and while I still let Myself be found by ye. Here, in this holy place, chosen by Our Sacred Hearts and where I live day and night, the soul that searches for Me with sincerity and truly cries his misery and his sins before Me, shall find Me benevolent, kind, tender, like the most tender of parents still does not know how to be. Yes, you will find Me more loving to her than the most loving mother and this sinful soul, I will encerrar it in the depths of My Sacred Heart and there I will keep it, a nutrirei, I will take care of it and I will do wonders.

The abyss of My Mercy is so great that even if you lived a thousand lives, you would not come to know how deep is the abyss of My Goodness, of My Mercy. Heaven, your heaven will be to know My mercy for ever and ever, drink from it as from a fountain that never runs out, immerse, lose yeselves, drown yeselves in It for all eternity, without ever reaching the end of My Mercy, without ever being able to drink all the water from the source of My Mercy.

Strive My children, so that you get to this so high and so beautiful life that I prepare for ye, because I tell ye: Only the hardworking, only the violent, only those who truly fight the good fight will get to Me in Heaven and will be immersed in the transcendental source of My infinite Mercy. Therefore, carry your cross with love, suffer everything for love of Me, pray, love, work for the Triumph of Our Sacred Hearts, bringing Our Messages to the knowledge of all, make My Divine Mercy known, make the Chaplet of My Mercy known, because I say unto ye: Those who make this Chaplet of Mine known, prayed and loved by all, will scintillate in Heaven beside My little daughter Faustina Kowalska, with stronger light than of seven suns together and I say truly, these will be called and recognized as children of My Mercy, children of My love, as true Children of God.

I love ye so much and do not tire of, every day, attracting ye to My Heart, whether it be allowing suffering in your life, whether it be giving ye continuous signs that I am close to ye, these so abundant signs that you have received Here during Holy Week are the most complete and definitive proof of how much Myself and My Most Holy Mother, with Our angels and Saints are truly present Here, how much We love ye and how much We love our most beloved servant, Marcos, who, with his word, his effort, his work and his example, made My Apparition to My little daughter Faustina, as well as the Chaplet of Mercy known and loved by all of ye and by thousands and thousands of other souls spread throughout the world. Yes, in this Most beloved child of Mine, in this most beloved servant of Mine, We reflect Our mystical light, which will become increasingly intense the more dense is the darkness surrounding all things.

Here, where I let Myself be found, touched by ye, My Merciful and My Sacred Heart will culminate with Graces those who with generosity and with love answer yes to Us. I love ye very much and with My Mother, with Joseph, My Foster Father and all My Saints, We continuously watch over you. I repeat to ye: ‘Non avete paura’. Do not be afraid of anything, because I Am with ye and Rejoice because the waiting time is passing, the night gives way to the light of dawn that announces to ye, the dawn of the new day, of the new time of My Grace and My Mercy.

Rejoice, the release of My servants who now are persecuted, despised and laden with deep crosses in this time of great tribulation, the release of these servants of Mine, who suffer because of My Name, because they defend Me, because they defend the Holy Catholic Faith, because they defend My Mother, they defend My Foster Father Joseph, My Saints and the treasures of the Holy Catholic faith, these servants of Mine will soon be released and elevated in the air, they will be crowned by Me and along with My Angels will sing for all time the anthem of My infinite and inscrutable Mercy.

To all now, I bless with love, from Paray-Le-Monial, from Krakow and from Jacareí. Peace, My beloved children, I give ye My Peace. Peace, Marcos, the most striven of My children.”

(Marcos:) “Yes... Yes, I most beloved Jesus, life of my life, soul of my soul, heart of my heart... (Pause)

Thank You dear Mother Most Holy, I will do exactly that. (Pause)

You liked even the part that is done? I will put all my heart as always. Yes Lady. (Pause)

Thank You dear Faustina, I will continue Your canticle, yes. See You soon. 

See You soon, Lord. See You soon, Mother from Heaven.”

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