January 3, 2014




(Marcos): “Yes. Yes, I will do it. Yes, most beloved Mother. Yes. Yes, I will do it.”

(Most Holy Mary): “My beloved children, now that the Feast of My Immaculate Conception is approaching, I invite ye again to look at Me, as the Woman clothed with the Sun, crowned with Starts, with the Moon at My Feet, terrible like an army in order of battle and who crushes the enemy's head, with the holiness, the power and the glory of which I was clothed by God, so that thus, ye may fill yeselves with confidence and hope in these evil times in which you are living.

I Am the Woman terrible like an army in order of battle, created by God all pure, all holy, exempt from any and all stain of sin: original, habitual, mortal, venial. So that then, the infernal serpent upon Me may not have any power, in Me may not have any entrance and could not in any way meddle in My soul, in My thoughts, desires, deeds, feelings. Thus, could not corrupt the holy and most sublime work of redemption that God wanted to do in the world. 

Because all full of grace, because all immaculate and filled with God’s grace in the Body and in the Heart, Satan could never defeat Me in any temptation, in no trial, in nothing. Therefore, in Me, in My Immaculate Conception, he has met his greatest defeat.

Therefore, little children, trust that your Mother who already defeated Satan in the first instant of Her conception and that defeated him throughout Her life, in all the temptations and trials. She will also defeat him again in these times of yours and will crush his head, freeing ye of his tyrannical dominion and leading ye to the new times of grace, of peace and of happiness that God and I have prepared for ye.

I Am the Woman terrible like an army in order of battle, and every day I march against the devil, against his minions and against the evil angels, I advance with the Holy Angels and also with My children who are obedient to My Messages, quenching ever more Satan's errors, snares, the traps that he sets to make ye fall in mortal sin and thus, derail your salvation. And every day, ever more, I come to the assistance of My children, raising them from the dust of sin if they have fallen in it, strengthening them and preserving them from falling if they have not fallen into sin, unmasking to them the temptations of the devil in their evil thoughts in their evil inclinations in their evil desires so that they do not consent to the temptation and do not give entry to it, causing it to go from a remote temptation to a close temptation. And I thus increasingly take My children on the path of resistance to evil, of the escape from the occasions of falling into sin, of the renunciation of all forms of transgressions of God's Commandments and of offense to Him

I Am the Woman terrible like an army in order of battle and through My daily Apparitions Here and in other places in the world where I truly appear, every day, I destroy Satan’s plans a little more, I take from him land that he conquered, I free the souls that he imprisoned in his clutches through mortal sin. And I increasingly advance with My Immaculate Light, quelling and driving away, dispelling all the darkness that he spread in the world.

Each daily Apparitions of Mine, each Message that I give unsettles, sakes a little more Satan's strongholds, brings down the walls that he built to ensure that his empire is never destroyed in this world. And every day, a little more, I conquer the terrain that was filched by him from the Lord and I give back to My Lord, ever more, the souls, the world, the families and the nations, making everyone return to God's grace, to God's friendship and to God's service.

Therefore, little children, it is so important that you understand that grace of My daily Apparitions Here, are truly the greatest defense, the greatest protection that I give to your souls, to your families and to the world. Outside of My Apparitions Here, you will fatally will fall into mortal sin, ye will put yourselves in the devil's clutches and you will be dragged with him to his eternal flames, to the eternal flames of hell.

Therefore, keep yeselves faithful to My Apparitions, to My Messages, for it is the only way that I have of preserving ye from the general contagion of apostasy, of the darkness of Satan, of sin, in which all of this poor and miserable humanity has plunged into. Remain faithful to My Messages, obey them, so I can truly obtain My greatest triumph in ye and perform in ye all of the Lord's plans of salvation.

Time is short and are already in the end of the time of Mercy! The signs that the Holy Spirit and I gave ye Here along these years, indicates to ye that you are already in the final times. Therefore, it is necessary that ye truly prepare yeselves with: prayer, sacrifice, penance, vigilance, meditation and, above all, love, much love, and a iron constancy in the obedience to Our Messages if you want to arrive unharmed to Heaven, to eternal salvation.

I Am with you and cover ye with My Mantle, defend ye every more from all the attacks and deceptions of Satan.

As Victorious Woman, terrible like an Army in Order of Battle, I advance every day, always more, taking ye increasingly higher in the Heaven of holiness, increasingly further down the path of salvation and guiding ye ever more down the road of goodness, of truth, of love and of the grace of God.

To everyone at this tome, I bless with love and especially to you Marcos, the most ardent and obedient of My children, of My servants, from Lourdes, from Montichiari and from Jacareí.
Peace, My beloved children.”

(Marcos): “Yes, we will do it. With your help, we will achieve it. Yes. See You soon, dear Mother.”
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